A Guide to the Different Types of Fashion Designing Courses

Types of Fashion Designing Courses

For more than a century, fashion has been astonishing awestruck individuals and the types of fashion designing courses have acted as the early morning light, transforming the beautiful designs into lifelike portraits.

Why Study Fashion Designing?

Some of the major reasons to pursue a course in fashion design are mentioned below:

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1.Great Career Prospect

According to the different fashion courses list, there are multiple job roles and career options that candidates can consider after completing their fashion design course. So, they can follow their passion and opt to work according to their interest and qualification as a Fashion Designer, Apparel Designer, Footwear Designer, Jewellery Designer etc.

3.Expanding Industry

Firstly, the design industry is growing exponentially and the job opportunities in this field are expected to witness a good increase in the upcoming years. Over the years, the scope of fashion designers in the retail trade industry in India is also likely to see a rise.

4.Innovation in Fashion Design

The different types of fashion designing courses provide loads of opportunities in the industry and also give the candidate the creative freedom to experiment, to create any new fashion and turn it into a fashion trend.

5.Pleasing Work Culture

The work culture at companies involved in fashion design is always quite creative because fashion is all about innovation and creativity. People employed in the field of fashion also have significantly less pressure when compared to other professions.

6.Handsome Salary

Also, aspirants receive a handsome amount as salary even in their initial stage after completing a fashion designer course with a certificate program. The salary will only expand with experience and time. The average pay in India after Fashion Designing is around 25% more than the national average wages in India for all jobs.

Types of Fashion Designing Courses

Numerous types of fashion designing courses are available at the undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma levels. Top fashion design colleges in India not only provide the students with excellent academic facilities but also with rich industrial exposure. Listed below is some information about fashion designing course:

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Bachelor in Fashion Design (B.Des)
  • Master in Fashion Design (M.Des)
  • Bachelor of Fashion Technology (B.F.Tech)
  • Master in Fashion Technology (M.F.Tech)
  • Diploma in Fashion Design
  • Master in Fashion Management (MFM)

Types of Fashion Designing Courses Degrees in India

Fashion courses list have a plethora of courses. Hence, you can choose the best from the different types of fashion designing courses available in UG, PG & Diploma levels. So, let us have a look at the most popular fashion degree types here:

1.Diploma Courses

Diploma courses include

Fashion Design, Fashion Communication, Fashion Accessories, Fashion Illustration, Fashion Marketing and Fashion Management.

2.Bachelor’s Degree

A Bachelor’s Degree program includes courses such as-

Fashion Design, Fashion Styling and Image Designing, Leather Design, Jewellery Design and Communication Design.

3.Masters Degree

Fashion courses list of a master’s degree program includes-

Textile Management, Fashion Design, Fashion Design and Business Management, , Communication Design and Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management.

List of Fashion Courses in India

Firstly, learn about the types of fashion designing courses ( bachelor’s and master’s) along with their respective eligibility criteria and course duration:

1.Bachelors of Design in Fashion

To get admission into this course, a minimum of 50% marks is needed in 10+2 along with a valid score in NID DAT, LPU NEST, etc. The duration of a Bachelor of Design in Fashion program is 4 years.

2.Bachelor of Fashion Design

So, the minimum requirement for a Bachelor of Fashion Design program is 50% marks in 10+2 with a valid score in NIFT Entrance Test, AIEED exam, etc. Also, the duration of a Bachelor of Fashion Design course is 4 years.

3.B.Sc. in Fashion Design

Minimum 45% marks in 10+2 are needed for this program and the course duration is 3 years.

4.B.Sc. in Fashion and Apparel Designing

This 3 years program requires aspirants to obtain a minimum of 45% marks in 10+2. Hence, this program is included in the list of unique types of fashion designing courses.

5.B.A. in Fashion Design

A minimum requirement of 50% marks in 10+2 and a valid score in the Pearl Academy entrance test or others will get you admission for this course which is a 3 years program.

Information About Fashion Designing Course Online

Types of Fashion Designing Courses Online with a certificate in India can prove beneficial for those students who are interested in learning skills relevant to the fashion industry and thereby, earning a higher salary. A large number of recruiters insist that their employees take Fashion Design Courses Online so that they can learn about the latest techniques and technologies.

Applicants applying for the different types of fashion designing courses do not have to take any specific examination for admission. So, their enrolment in fashion design courses online is almost instant.

  • To get started, candidates must first visit the official website of the online learning portal.
  • The students must make the payment of their fees and further proceed with the class schedule and class timing.
  • Online mode offers the students both paid as well as free fashion design courses.
  • Students have the facility to opt either for free classes or make the necessary fee payment to receive a certificate recognised by the Govt. of India at the end of their Fashion Designing Courses Online.

Fashion Designing Courses Online

Fashion Designing Courses Online

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Candidates have an option to choose from numerous online fashion designing courses mentioned in the fashion courses list, besides the regular ones. Some popular learning platforms that offer different types of fashion designing courses online are Coursera, Hunar Online and Udemy. The fees of these fashion designing course programmes are usually around ₹ 2,000 to ₹ 8,000.

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Capture the mystery and the mood of a fashion industry by getting yourself enrolled in one of the above-mentioned types of fashion designing courses.

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