9 Different Types of Embroidery Stitches

Types of Embroidery Stitches

We all own at least one piece that has gorgeous embroidery and looks stunning, isn’t it? But how many of us know how to stitch and sew? And how many of us really have knowledge about stitching and types of embroidery? Embroidery is all about creating fabric neat and beautiful. It is an art of stitching made with different types of threads and fabrics. That is why we can call it the ‘magic of handlooms’. But nowadays, embroidery is also done digitally and mechanically.  From the roadside shops to luxury clothing showrooms, Embroidery is available and famous everywhere. There are around more than 300 different types of embroidery stitches. Here, we will look into some of the Types of Embroidery Stitches. Read this whole blog below to know more: –

1.Back Stitch

Back Stitch is a backward stitching, which is sewn from the back direction of the thread. It is the easiest way of stitching and may not be necessary every time because it can be visible in seam allowance. This is used for stitching two pieces of fabric only by hand sewing. It is used for creating boundaries or outlines.

Back Stitch

Source: Pinterest

2.Running Stitch

Running Stitch is a very basic and straight stitching style. In which, we pass the thread under the piece of fabric, one by one. Running stitch is the most common sewing method in different types of embroidery stitches that people are generally using. This stitch type gives a clean and secure sewing.

Running Stitch

Source: YouTube

3.Chain Stitch

 Chain Stitching is like a rope binding and usually called a simple needle work. It is basically used for thick fabrics for locking. Chain Stitching can leave thick and textured lines on fabric. It can be stronger than lock stitches. It is the complicated stitches. But with time and practice, you will be able to sew properly.

Chain Stitch

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4.Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch is the simplest needle work by sewing machine. Among all embroidery stitching types, it is the most popular and oldest form in different types of embroidery stitches. It is used in making cousins, decorative pieces, greeting gifts, woollen garments and many more things. Various types of cross stitches are-

  • Half quarter Cross Stitch
  • Quarter Cross Stitch
  • Half Cross Stitch
  • Mini Cross Stitch
  • Double Cross Stitch
  • Upright Cross Stitch
  • Elongated Cross Stitch
Cross Stitch

Source: Sarah’s Hand Embroidery

5.Feather Stitch

As the name says, this type of stitching is related to feathers. Originally, it was founded in England. There are two types of feather stitches and they are Single feather and double feather. It is a diagonal line stitch, alternatively left and right. This type of stitches are best for covering a wider fabric surface pattern.

Feather Stitch

Source: YouTube

6.Fly Stitch

Generally, it is like a ‘V’ shaped stitching. It is sewn singly in rows and is the basic surface embroidery in different types of embroidery stitches. It is also known as open loop or Y stitching. Various type of flying stitches are-

  • Continuous fly stitch
  • Closed fly stitch
  • Extended fly stitch
  • Plaited fly stitch
  • Filling fly stitch
  • Twisted fly stitch
  • Whipped fly stitch
Fly Stitch

Source: YouTube

7.Satin Stitch

Most classic embroidery among all. Satin stitches are also called damask stitches. It is known for its neatness because it is hard to maintain. This stitch covers all the background area because the pattern needs to be fulfilled by thread. That means it is a type of filling stitch. It is your endeavour to be careful about stitching because it needs to be smooth.

Satin Stitch

Source: Sarah’s Hand Embroidery

8.Lazy Daisy Stitch

Lazy Daisy stitch comes with a loop made with thread. This stitch looks like a daisy flower, as its name says. Basically. We make different sizes of flowers with a chain stitch. This stitching is famous for making decorative items beautiful. We can also create various images through these loop stitches.

Lazy Daisy Stitch

Source: YouTube

9.French Knots

French knot is the style of embroidery in which we make various types of stitching like; small knots or bums. It looks good in woollen fabric as sweaters. The size of a French knot will vary depending on how many times the thread is wrapped around the needle, and the type of thread used. For example, using a 6-strand embroidery thread will result in a larger knot than using fewer strands. It has different types of patterns and styles.

French Knots

Source: pumora.com

As you can see the above writing shows how many types of embroidery stitches exist. Embroidery stitches contain not just designs and hand creativity but also shows the culture of that particular region. There are two types of Indian Embroidery that we are using in the current era of clothing wear. One is Hand Embroidery and second is Digital Embroidery. Most of the textile designers are using Hand Embroidery for a better showcase. Apart from the above, there are so many different Types of Embroidery Stitches, that you can learn just sitting at home. We are always ready to welcome you on our platform. Learn in your own language. Now that you know Types of Embroidery Stitches, draw all your creativity together and fill out your wardrobe with the stitching creativity.

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