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6 Best Vacation Outfits to Redefine your Fashion Style

It’s almost summer! Which means it’s almost time for your next vacation. We all look forward to a long summer holiday that will help us feel fresh and prepare us for the rest of the year. Most of us love visiting our native places in summer and some of us love going on a vacation to a new destination. No matter what the reason, your summer fashion style has to be on point. Summer outfits are always a huge buzz in the fashion industry and many fashion designers around the world have always tried to create different, funky summer collections.


The summer season also calls for shopping to revamp your fashion style. Summer outfits are generally light and made in a way that you don’t feel too hot. Indian fashion designers too have tried to introduce new summer styles every year that we can buy from any stores’ summer collection. But it’s not just about buying new clothes, it is also about pairing these clothes with the right accessories and fashion style. If you are planning to go on a summer vacation or want to stock your cupboard with some summer outfit options, here is a list of what will make you look the best.


6 Best Summer Outfits


1.Cargo Shorts


Cargo style has been trending in the fashion industry for some time now. This is because cargo looks are very classic and also attractive. They give out a casual vibe and make the person look fashionable. When it comes to cargo, all types of clothes like shirts, pants, t-shirts and shorts are available in the market. For your summer fashion style, you can wear cargo shorts and pair it up with a plain white t-shirt. You can then complete the look by wearing shoes and you’re ready to rock the outdoors.


2.Floral Dresses


The best part about going shopping in the summers is that you have a wide variety of options available in floral dresses. Any kind of floral dress will make you look stunning and absolutely summer ready. The only thing you need to do is to wear the right accessories and makeup to go along with it. To achieve the perfect floral fashion style look, you can pair up your dress with a pair of white- or light-coloured sneakers. For the makeup part, you can use a bright coloured lipstick along with some mascara and you’re ready to go!


floral summer dress


Image source: Daisy Dress for less


3.Palazzo and T-shirt


A palazzo is a straight pant that has been in trend since the past few years. They are loose straight pants that become more flowy towards the end. Palazzos look very fashionable when paired with the right t-shirts. For your summer fashion style wardrobe, you can pair a palazzo with a solid colour t-shirt. It generally looks more stylish when you pair a white or black colour palazzo with a t-shirt. But if you are someone who loves to wear colours, you can also wear a colourful palazzo, you just need to ensure that you pair it up with the right colour t-shirt to complete the look.


palazzo style


Image source: Pinterest


4.Maxi Dress with Denim Jacket


A maxi dress is a long straight dress that becomes more flowy towards the bottom. A maxi dress is a perfect go to option for a summer fashion style. There is a wide variety of options available when it comes to buying a maxi dress. You could either buy a plain, solid-coloured maxi dress or a floral maxi dress for your summer look.  To make the entire look more stylish, you can add a denim jacket and a pair of laced shoes. You don’t need any makeup for this look, you can wear a pair of dark-coloured sunglasses and look like the most stylish person in the room.


dresses with jackets


Image source:


5.Solid-Coloured Pants


It becomes very uncomfortable to wear a jeans during the summers since it makes you feel very warm. A pair of jeans is therefore a no no when it comes to your summer fashion style closet. Instead of jeans, you can wear a straight pant that is now available in the market in a number of colours. These pants will not only make you look stylish but will also save you from melting in the extreme summer heat. You can easily pair up the pants with a solid-coloured t-shirt to create the right contrast. You can also pair these straight pants with loose, flowy tops to make the look even more stylish.


6.High-Waist Skirts


Skirts have always been the ideal summer outfits for all of us. But now, there is a variety of high-waisted skirts available in the markets that is even more trendy when compared to the basic skirt designs. To create a complete fashion style, you can pair this skirt with a tank top or a crop top. Crop tops are the best partner for any high-waisted skirt or pant. This look will not only make you look very stylish but will also keep you comfortable when you step out in the summer heat.


high waisted skirts


Image source: Pinterest


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