The Scope of Embroidery Designs in Textile Designing Industry

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It’s often seen that fashionable garments get a boost with embellishment and arty patterns that they carry. In the Indian context, the role of embroidery is apparent on multiple levels as it makes traditional and innovative garments tremendously appealing.

The art of embroidery has contributed a lot to this phenomenon and has kept its influence prominent, surviving gracefully through generations of fashion lovers.

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Today, textile design schools, online and offline, are hubs of creativity, where techniques of embroidery, printing and pattern making are delivered in combination with liberal designs carrying novel expressions, setting new trends.

A plethora of embroidery styles including Kashida, Phulkari, Zardosi, Chikankari and Gota, has opened the doors for fashion admirers all over the world to route for India’s innermost cultural destinations.

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The famous and iconic Indian fashion designers, who are the alumni of reputed textile fabric design schools have made their mark by exploring the roots of fabric design and embroidery in Indian fashion destinations.

If you have a passion for fashion designing, you might as well choose to learn it away from the conventional classroom. Hunar Online Courses has textile designing courses online that you can learn with expert guidance, certification and great convenience from home.Embroidery comes as a major skill that you can excel at with such a course.

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Looking typically at the way embroidery designs have evolved through time, especially in India, many embroidery techniques have delivered the magical touch that transforms even Indo- Western garments to enchanting pieces. Moreover, the variety of items you can beautify with such embroidery is also vast!

If it is to be fathomed how much an influence Indian embroidery has already made on the world stage, it is to be noted that Indian embroidered prints have gained great popularity with international brands like Gucci. They showcase them on dresses and coats in their collections. International fashion houses like Alberta Ferretti and Christian Dior enthusiastically source embroidery designs from India.

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