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Online Makeup Courses

The more you decorate yourself, the more you learn about introducing a complimentary makeup product somewhere. So, the first tip you will get in online makeup courses is to test as many looks as possible.

If you are passionate about makeup and want to become an industry accredited makeup artist, celebrity makeup artist, beauty vlogger and much more, you definitely need to get enrolled in an online makeup course India.

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So, Let us now know about the history and need for makeup which is an important area of discussion in makeup courses online-

Although, nothing is known about the inventor of makeup, we can easily date the oldest available shreds of evidence of makeup. Evidence of makeup was recently found by archaeologists in an Egyptian tomb in Karnak. Along with the dead, the tomb contained a clay container inside which were found colour palettes of green eye shadow, black eye paint and pigments used as lip stains.

makeup Egypt
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The best online makeup course and other sources indicate that eye makeup was discovered over 3000 years ago. Other findings included skincare products made of potassium chloride, magnesium chloride and bromides, all of which were attributed to Cleopatra were recovered from a Dead Sea spa.

Written history contains strong supporting evidence, attributing the Egyptian dynasty with the earliest use of makeup. Historians from the first century describe with great fascination and in greater detail the Egyptian method for mixing and wearing eye ostentatious makeup.

Later other civilizations such as the Grecian and Roman civilizations also wore makeup although these civilizations were more moderate in their applications.

Why was Makeup Invented?

There are many reasons provided by historians and makeup lovers as to why people began wearing makeup. Research shows that there were a variety of possibilities ranging from improvement of physical appearance to spiritual beliefs. In this list, we represent the most popular beliefs about ancient Egyptian cosmetics.

  • Ancient fashion trends.
  • Makeup protects the eyes from hot sunny conditions.
  • It separated the classes.
  • Makeup gave protection to the wearer from the evil eye.
  • It shielded the facial skin from sunburns.
  • Makeup was also believed to cure eye diseases.

What Did It Look Like?

We find well-documented makeup styles of Egypt written on stone reliefs found in tombs and monuments. Men and women have enjoyed heavy-handed makeup styles over the centuries, especially during Halloween and at costume balls.

80s Makeup Looks

According to the online makeup course India, the mantra for many women in the 80s seemed to be- the more the shades of colour, the better it is. This mantra seems to be the foundation for everything from clothing to cosmetics and hair. Sky blue and bubble gum pink seemed to carry over from the 70s. Women also wore neon-bright makeup because neon was such a popular trend in clothing. Women sporting rainbow hues all over their faces became a natural sight.

When it comes to more serious 80s makeup, plenty of heavy blush, contoured eye shadow and a ton of glossy red lipstick were seen everywhere. However, 80s makeup wasn’t subtle!

Although makeup from the 80s seems too outdated for the modern woman, you can actually incorporate some of those decades-old cosmetic trends, translate them into looks suitable for today and still look modern.

Why Do Women Wear Makeup?

If you ask any woman the question why they wear makeup, you’ll get answers as varied as the women who respond. There is no one particular answer as different women have their own different reasons for wearing cosmetics.

Reasons Why Women Use Makeup

Makeup isn’t something that is recently invented. We have evidence of women and men wearing makeup in ancient cultures, such as Egypt. The use of cosmetics has changed over the centuries and in current times, women are the main buyers and users of makeup.

Let us know why:

1.To Appear Confident

A few women cannot imagine facing the entire day without makeup. In extreme cases, women won’t allow anyone to see them without their makeup, including their own husbands!

Indian makeup

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According to the best online makeup course, many women report feeling more confident with at least some makeup on while going to school, work or running errands. This can include a light application of mascara, lip gloss, eyeliner, eye shadow or a face complete with foundation, powder, blush and several coats of lipstick.

2.To Look Mature

Girls in their teenage years often wear makeup because they want to appear mature. A majority of the teens only need lightweight cosmetics such as mascara, powder and lip gloss, while others want to experiment with all kinds of makeup products.

3.To Look Younger

To look younger than what they really are is the dream of almost all human beings. In fact, it may not be wrong to say that immortality and youth are the two main wishes every human asks for. Women who have passed a certain age rely on makeup products to make them appear younger. While some claim to soften wrinkles others provide an ageless look.

4.For a Clearer Complexion

According to makeup courses online, makeup can help disguise problem areas for women who have complexion issues. Although to maintain clear skin, the main focus should be on a skincare routine. Concealers can hide blemishes or dark undereye circles. Your complexion can be smoothen into an even-toned canvas with the help of foundations. If used the right way, makeup is great for creating the illusion of perfect skin.

Hunar Online Courses

Makeup completes your look and brightens up your facial features. Now that you know of some of the best online makeup courses at your fingertips, go ahead and accentuate your looks. Learn how to become a makeup artist and flaunt those picture-perfect expressions whenever you want!

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