Techniques to Boost Your Fashion Illustration Career

fashion illustration online

The advancements in the field of technology has resulted in numerous developments which needed illustrators to go digital with their art. Like all other fields, Fashion Illustration is ever-evolving and to become successful illustrator or designer, you will need to learn the advanced techniques.

Fashion drawing and Illustration classes can help you become an expert in these techniques. Here are some of these that will boost your Fashion Illustration career:

Freehand Digital Illustration

This involves using digital tools to generate art directly by the artist’s hand, through an interface which renders that movement into a digital display. Most of these tools use a stylus to draw on a digital canvas. You can join online Fashion Illustration classes to learn more about this basic technique.

Vector Graphics

This includes creating digital images through a series of commands that place shapes in a two-dimensional or three-dimensional space. Good quality images are produced through this technique which allows scaling them up and down to any size. The quality of the images is not effected during this process. Through this basic Fashion Illustration technique, you can start your journey towards becoming a successful illustrator.

Lithography Illustration

This is one of the cheapest illustration technique. It involves using grease and water to sketch a design. On a lithographic stone, an illustrator will draw with a greasy material and then chemically treat that stone to etch the drawing on the stone. This can be inked to produce a lot of impressions on paper. Learn Fashion Illustration online to get skilled in this technique from the comfort of your home.

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