Everything You Need to Know About Fashion Illustration as a Beginner

Hunar online fashion illustration Course

Fashion Illustration is an idea which you put on paper using your imagination. In simpler language, the representation of your fashion designing thoughts when drawn on a paper is fashion illustration. It is the first step towards the creation of designing an outfit. These illustrations are fashion design sketches to create an idealizing human figure […]

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Classic Wedding Outfits You Can Design from These Celebrity Divas’ Weddings

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Bollywood has always been a major source of inspiration when it comes to glamorous outfits. Especially during weddings, women love to look up to the lead female actors for their bridal outfits which set the trends for the next season. Some brides choose to keep their look simple and minimal while others go traditional and […]

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What You Can Learn by Joining Our Fashion Designing Courses

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Fashion Designing is a vast area to grasp but we have made it easy with our multiple courses depending on what you are interested to learn. You can learn embroidery, garment making, fashion illustration, fashion styling, fabric designing and more. All you have to do is choose your favourite fashion designing course and start learning […]

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3 Designer Blouses You Can Make with our Govt-Recognised Saree Blouse Making Course

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There was a time when sarees were merely considered to be traditional attires, but not anymore. Today, they have made their spot in modern fashion world because of the wide variety of fancy blouses that are worn with these sarees. Now, by joining our online NSDC courses in Garment Making, you can learn to design […]

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