Sketch 3 Trendy Designs by Learning Fashion Illustration Course in Pune!

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All of the best fashion ideas, collections and brands start on paper! That’s why Fashion Illustration is one of the most important parts of Fashion Design. Even the best designers in the world begin with a simple pencil and paper.

With Hamstech Online, you can now Learn Fashion Designing Online in Pune! From sketching Indian, western and fusion garments to coloruing and texturing them with a variety of materials, our government-recognised Fashion Illustration course will teach you all that you need to know when it comes to designing fashion on paper.

1. Ruffle Saree

Sarees with ruffles and frills are in trend these days. The ruffle border adds a youthful and funky touch to this traditional garment. Adding this to your fashion sketches will give a trendy touch to your design. You can learn to add this amazing design to your illustration with our Fashion Designing Course in Pune.

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2. Panelled Skirt

A paneled skirt is a versatile outfit that is wide at the bottom and narrow on the top. Now you can learn to design this lovely garment easily with our Online Fashion Courses in Pune. 

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3. Jacket Blouse 

A jacket blouse adds elegance to a saree. Now you can learn to create exquisite types of this blouse with our Online Fashion Classes in Pune.

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Don’t these illustration ideas sound fascinating? Try them out for yourself with our Fashion Illustration course and create one-of-a-kind garments in your choice of colours, textures and style!

Now Learn Fashion Designing Anytime anywhere with easy Online Video Classes.

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