The Best and Simple Embroidery Designs for Beginners

Simple Embroidery Designs

Simple embroidery designs provide an international vocabulary that crosses the boundaries of land and time resulting in its simultaneous existence as a domestic necessity, art form and hobby.

Simple Embroidery Designs: Different Types of Hoop

Rainbow Hoop

rainbow hoop embroidery

source: Christin Morgan

You can create this motif using chain stitch to create bold lines of bright colour and a fringe to extend the rainbow outside the hoop. Offer an unexpected background shape for your simple hand embroidery design by using the oval hoops which are super fun to work with.

Confetti Hoop

Confetti hoop is great for using up leftover pieces of thread, since you won’t need much of each colour. The more colours you incorporate, the better! There are two different methods for achieving the effect of freshly thrown confetti fluttering to the ground and you can try one or both because unlike the real thing, this confetti needs no clean-up! You can paint the hoop for an extra pop of colour or leave the wood natural.

Wildflowers Hoop

This lovely hoop combines several basic stitches to create various decorative effects which is reminiscent of a traditional stitch sampler. The end product is an attractive burst of colourful flowers and foliage that has loads of texture and is sure to serve as a year-round reminder of warm and sunny spring days. Achieve your own unique version of this outline simple embroidery design by experimenting with different stitch techniques.

“Hello” Hoop

A catchy thing about embroidery is the texture the stitches create when they’re piled together on the fabric, filling a once empty space. You can use a vivid colour palette and highly textured fill stitch to add visual interest to a simple handwritten message. Also, feel free to experiment on this outline simple embroidery design with thread and fabric colours that appeal to you or try using a patterned fabric to add a fun, graphic element to your work.

Buzzing Bees Hoop

Thanks to the 3D quality of the padded satin stitch and French knot fill that makes the fuzzy bees in this design look as if they’re about to buzz right out of the hoop. These bees would also look great when stitched onto a denim jacket or a sweatshirt.

Simple Embroidery Designs for Your Home and You

1.Floral Jacket

This is a perfect introduction to simple hand embroidery designs on clothing. To give your garments a new lease on life, you can either stitch a single flower or a whole garden. These colourful blooms and leaves can be arranged to fit together depending on the space you have to work with, making this design suitable for any style and type of garment. You can use all six strands of floss to make the design stand out from the fabric but you could also use fewer for a more delicate effect. However, keep in mind that fewer strands means more stitches to achieve full coverage.

2.Wink Pillow

Bemuse your favourite space with these winking eyes! Make changing the look of your pillow really easy by using the envelope closure. Add durability and a soft, cosy touch by using wool embroidery thread on this outline simple embroidery design. The use of regular cotton floss would work just as well, too.

3.Heart Collar

A super-fun way to update any outfit is to have a detachable collar. You will love to wear these collars with a sweater for a layered look without the bulk, or over a T-shirt for an unexpected touch. You can make brightly coloured hearts to lend a punch of graphic charm and texture to any ensemble but a floral motif would also be lovely. If you do not want to sew your own collar, you can remove one from an existing shirt and stitch directly on that instead.

4.Watermelon Sunglasses Case

Using this playful case, you can protect your sunglasses from scratches. The flexible frame of the case will keep the glasses securely tucked inside while the watermelon motif will serve as a reminder of summer days. This case can also be used to hold embroidery supplies for small projects or to keep other things together in a purse. Back stitch, long and short or chain stitch are all great options for the fill. So, feel free to play with the stitches or stick with outline simple embroidery designs instead.

5.Zippered Makeup Case

Zippered cases are a must not just for makeup but for just about everything. When personalised, they make great gifts and are perfect for stashing portable embroidery supplies for on-the-go projects. Lend a fun pop-art feel to this multipurpose case by combining a simple outline stitch with brightly painted details.

6.Pattern-Play Pendant

Combine a simple pattern with a bright pop of colour for a fun mix of classic and contemporary. You will love how the vivid colour and bold pattern play on a neutral background. Also, feel free to experiment on this simple hand embroidery design with different colours and textures to suit your wardrobe.

7.Cactus Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins offer an eco-friendly alternative to paper napkins. To cover and protect the stitches and make them reversible, the second layer of fabric for the back of these napkins is used. You can try to mix up your fabric selection or thread colours for a mismatched set or coordinate your choices with your existing decor.

8.Tote Bag With Pom-Pom Charm

Create a collection of canvas tote bags and always find yourself reaching for one in place of a handbag. Tote bags are casual and washable and they offer plenty of room for various odds and ends. Plain totes are not only super affordable but they also offer a perfect blank canvas for some easy embellishment. You can turn a boring bag into a personal statement piece by creating embroidery designs easy and simple on it. You can stitch a message and pair it up with a fun and fluffy pom-pom charm to spread joy as you run around the town.

9.Letter Flag Banner

embroidered letter flag banner

source: The Spruce Crafts

Add a personal touch to any special event or holiday or even to everyday decor with these endlessly customisable letter flags. You can make use of the split stitch which is ideal for lettering because it results in smooth, uninterrupted lines but you can also use other stitches, depending on your preference such as a chain or backstitch.

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