A major part of a fabric’s appeal is the print. In addition to creating garments from fabrics that are comfortable, their prints play a huge role in the way the garments are styled. Let’s talk about the Fabric Painting Designs Simple:-



Fabric Painting in Simple Fabric Painting Designs is the application of special paints to fabrics. Any fabric can be painted, but tightly woven natural fabrics such as cotton and silk are the easiest to embellish when an artisan tries to create an image. Use colour on fabric for other effects such as B. Splash or Sponge. These are not very dependent on fabric type or colour and give a clean effect. By applying paint to the fabric, you can achieve a variety of looks, some of which are more common. When painting, the fabric, whether wet or dry, gives different results. Colour properties also vary from opaque to translucent to shimmering. Techniques and tools range from very simple to incredibly complex.

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Dyeing is the application of dyes or pigments to textile materials such as fibres, threads and fabrics to achieve a colour with a desired colour fastness. Dyeing is usually done with special solutions containing dyes and certain chemicals. The dyeing process is the interaction between the dye and the fibre and the movement of the dye inside the fibre. It has been used to add colour to textiles, paper, leather and other materials so that the colour does not easily change with washing, heat, light or other factors to which the material may be exposed.

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The terms ink and colour refer to the production process in which the animator inks and colours the frame with black ink. Ink painting is a type of Chinese ink painting that uses varying concentrations of black ink used in Asian calligraphy. The inks are thinner and less opaque than fabric paints, but they are capable of producing intense and bold colours. When applied to fabric, the ink forms a permanent chemical bond with the fabric fibres. This is different from fabric dyes, which form a new layer that adheres to the top of the fabric fibres.

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Floral Painting Design

First design in Simple Fabric Painting Designs is a flower. Choose brightly colored flowers with thin petals, such as geraniums, poppies, and pansies. Prepare the flowers by removing the stems and sepals. Lightly paint the petals with your favourite watercolour paint before placing them on the paper. Fold the sides and place the petals between the two layers. Gently press the paper over the flower. If necessary, use a heavy object like a book. When you’re satisfied that you’ve covered the entire flower, unfold the paper and gently peel off the rest to reveal your print. Repeat this process until the design is complete. Spray the acrylic spray evenly over the page to hold the print in place.

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Peacock Painting Design

Peacock fabric can be used for wall decor, rugs, bedsheets, chairs, etc. In addition, it is characterised by abundant colour variations and high processing quality. The spirit is to grasp the demands of the times and the direction of development.

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Butterfly Painting Design

They have been used as living symbols of death and resurrection, the ephemeral nature of beauty, and even marriage in cultures around the world. White shade butterflies are also considered good luck charms. Butterflies are a classic feng shui remedy that enhances vitality. Chinese butterfly decorations are painted, carved, or embroidered on screens, curtains, pillows, walls, and furniture for Feng Shui home health and wealth.

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Leaf Painting Design

Last one in Simple Fabric Painting Designs is Leaves. Leaf painting is more often popular than others. You just have to add bleach. This technique is really eye-catching and very easy to achieve. Mix 1/2 tablespoon bleach to 4 tablespoons of water and use a brush or toothbrush to lightly brush the mixture over the pre-cut leaves. Now put the leaves on the fabric and press it softly but strongly. Now remove the leaf from the fabric and see your leaf painting is ready to showcase.

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