Beautiful Saree Embroidery Designs to Fashion Lovers

saree embroidery designs

Six yards of long traditional Indian costume have always inspired designers from home and abroad to try something new. Saree is given the utmost priority for festive occasions and special events. In such a scenario, if we mention embroidered sarees and saree embroidery designs then people go crazy describing their beauty.

Importance of Embroidered Sarees

saree embroidery

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Embroidery designs for sarees latest can transform even humble-looking garments into an aristocratic outfit. To bring an image to life this magical form of art needs extensive experience and craftsmanship. To create exquisite and highly detailed handwoven saree embroidery designs, artisans can take more than a month. With more than 50 types of embroidery techniques in the world and each being significantly different from the other in terms of the stitch, colour and design, the question of how to make saree embroidery designs can only be answered by an expert. Embroidery is used as a medium to express the emotions. Also to showcase the culture and heritage of a particular region.

Features of Saree Embroidery Designs

Listed below are some of the noteworthy features of embroidery designs for sarees’ latest-

  • Embroidery on sarees looks quite ornate and lends a rich appearance and feel to the saree.
  • Due to the skill and labour involved in making hand embroidered sarees, they are more expensive than the machine designs.
  • The artist creates a thread work on the outline of the chosen design which is transferred onto the fabric using a stencil.
  • Not only are embroidered sarees suitable for both simple and everyday wear but are also great as bridal wear.
  • Embroidery designs for sarees are also embellished with pearls, sequins, gold strands and crystals.

Fabric Used In Saree Embroidery Designs

Any fabric that is strong enough to support the embroidery work and allows the thread to pass through it is suitable for saree embroidery designs. Some widely opted fabrics include chiffon, georgette, satin, crepe, silk, cotton and net. Stronger fabrics like velvet and denim require large needles to allow the stitch and support the embroidery.

Age Group for Embroidered Sarees

Embroidered sarees are preferred by women irrespective of their age. The elaborate versions of embroidery designs for sarees are suitable for younger women whereas the simple and elegant thread-based works are opted for by middle-aged and elderly women. Embroidered sarees can elevate the beauty of a woman and make them look elite.

Different Types of Embroidery

1. Cutdana Embroidery

The word ‘cutdana’ literally means stones that have been cut at specific angles to reflect light. Cutdana stones are sewn into different patterns to make beautiful embroidery embellishments.

2. Kundan Embroidery Designs for Sarees Latest:

Kundan, which is a traditional Indian gemstone comes in various colours and makes up beautiful embroidery patterns that look great on festive outfits, especially lehengas, sarees and saree blouses.

3. Kasu or Gold Coin Embroidery

Kasu embroidery gets its name from Kasu or gold coins which are worn as jewellery pieces in South India. This type of embroidery goes really well with such traditional South Indian saree blouses. You can pair up Kasu embroidered saree blouses with traditional Kanchipuram sarees to look exquisite.

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4. Lakshmi Embellishment Embroidery

Lakshmi is an Indian Goddess, the embellishments of whom are popularly used in South Indian jewellery designs, especially temple jewellery. These embellishment embroidery designs on wedding and festive saree blouses look great. This type of embellishments can also be combined with pearls, beads and Kundan to make your saree blouses look even more beautiful.

5. Sequins Embroidery

These have been in trend for the past couple of years. Sequins embroidery looks great on lehengas and saree blouses during the night-time.

Classy Embroidered Sarees

1. Barfi Silk Saree

Silk sarees are trending in fashion these days but the beauty of barfi silk saree with beautiful pending embroidery has doubled. Its dazzling peacock green and dark blue colour combination will look unique and different on wearing. It has also got a matching blouse colour to enhance its look. This heavy saree embroidery design is patched with stonework and bootie and is available in various colour options.

2. Soft Banarasi Silk Saree

Banarasi sarees never go out of fashion. This is exactly why you too can wear this beautiful lightweight and super soft Banarasi silk saree this wedding season. Its colour is a pinky red with a golden floral fine embroidery design border on it. Also, there is booty work on the whole saree. The blouse available in this is of contrast yellow colour. Wearing it with oxidised jewellery will give you a modern look.

3. Kashmiri Saree:

The customary and traditional Kashmiri saree has stunning embroidery on the borders that is popularly known as the Kashida Embroidery. Kashida embroidery designs for sarees latest comes in all types of stylish motifs such as those of birds, animals, leaves and flowers but the most dominating pattern is the floral pattern. Purchase the Kashmiri saree for your closet collection to look classy and sassy on special occasions.

4. Bridal Saree Embroidery Designs

With all eyes set on you, being a bride is no easy task. Shine on your big day and stay in the spotlight by opting for a bright red embroidered silk saree. Rich golden embroidery work all over the saree is perfect for brides to flaunt on the best day of their lives. Sweep the groom off his feet by pairing up the saree with your best jewellery. This type of embroidery design for sarees is suitable for all body types.

5. Lace Embroidered Saree

lace embroidered saree

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Lace saree embroidery design is the most eye-catching and beautiful saree design for your wardrobe. What makes this saree enticing and captivating are the motifs and the patterns on the border and pallu area. Go for lightweight fabric such as chiffon or georgette, if you are looking for something simple.

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