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Saree blouses are an integral part of the Indian traditional wear, saree! The saree blouses are a piece of fabric stitched for the upper body part. It is a short piece of fabric stretching till your midriff. In the modern days with the changing fashion trends, the purpose of blouses is not just coverage. It is much more than that. A good saree blouse can change the look of your saree and make you look stylish and gorgeous. The uniqueness of the saree blouse designs depicts a person’s unique taste and personality. There are a variety of blouse designs and you can wear them according to your taste and preference for different occasions.

There are different types of clothes that are used to make a saree blouse. You can create a blouse from cotton, silk, georgette, chiffon, satin, and other types of clothes. You can choose a blouse design with different embroidery techniques that caters to the latest fashion trends and your comfort at the same time. The latest fashion trends have brought many types of designer saree into existence.

Nowadays, blouses are designed so creatively that they can make a simple saree look gorgeous. There are many designs of it that can make you look trendy and classy. A saree blouse can give a different look to different sarees and can be worn in various ways. They not just complete the look of a saree but can also make you look elegant and gorgeous. Many fashion designers experiment with the blouse to bring a fusion to the traditional wear. This piece of clothing has the power to turn heads in a party and can make you a showstopper. Fusion look of saree has been in trend for a long time and indo-western blouses can bring out the fashionista in you.

Here are a few features of a saree blouse. Let’s have a look at them one by one:

  • Saree blouse is a short length garment, which is up to the navel and covers the upper body part.
  • A variety of fabric is used to create a saree blouse like cotton, synthetic, georgette, satin, silk and even elastic fabrics.
  • Saree blouses are available in various printed patterns, solid colours and textured designs.
  • The neck of the blouse can be designed in different ways. You can choose between high neck blouses, low cut blouses, medium neck patterns and much more.
  • When it comes to styling a blouse, there are different types of sleeve designs like ruffles, fringes, full sleeves, elbow sleeves, and much more.
  • To elevate the look of a blouse or blouses for festive occasions can be found with extra added embellishments like maggam works, brooches, tassels, doris, patchworks and much more.

With the variety of saree blouse designs available in the market it is very easy for us to get confused. Most of the time we end up picking the wrong saree blouse. It is very important to choose the perfect blouse as it plays an important role in making or breaking the look of our saree. We have expert tips for you that can help you choose the perfect saree blouse for yourself.

  • While choosing a saree blouse make sure that the fitting is perfect. An ill-fitted saree blouse can give a very odd look to your ethnic outfit.
  • Opting out of embroidered and embellished blouses is a smart move for women with heavy bust. It can add on more bulk and spoil the shape of the body.
  • Sweetheart’s neck and embroidered saree blouse is perfect for petite women as it can help them look fuller and bigger than their normal size.
  • If you are a woman with a perfectly toned body, then you can easily go for a halter neck blouse, strapless blouse and backless blouse.
  • Collared neck blouses, high neck blouses and boat neck blouses go well for women with long necks.
  • Broad shouldered women must go with short sleeve blouses and those with narrow sizes can go for full length sleeves.

There are stunning designs of saree blouses that can make you look stunning and add a modern touch to your traditional look. You can get a chic look and look stylish in these western saree blouse designs. Let’s have a look at them one by one:

1.Denim Saree Blouse

Denim can never go out of fashion and any outfit made out of it looks beautiful and is very comfortable. A denim saree blouse gives a very elegant look to the traditional attire and can be worn to every party easily. You can wear a denim crop top or any fancy denim top and wear it as a blouse rather than wearing the usual blouse. It can add an “oomph factor” to your outfit in an instant. You can pair it with any cotton, linen or other saree to get a classy urban look.

2.High Neck Saree Blouse

The high neck saree blouse gives a contemporary and chic look and it looks elegant. This sleeveless saree design pattern is perfect for festivals and various other occasions. Little embroidery on the neck can add to its beauty and transform the whole look of the saree. It can be easily paired with a plain saree and embellished saree, as long as their designs and colours align together. If you have a slim figure and a toned body, then this blouse will look beautiful on you. You can wear it with chiffon and georgette sarees. Jewellery design that will go perfectly with this saree blouse is large statement earrings.

3.Off-shoulder Saree Blouse

An off-shoulder saree blouse is trending in the modern days and it can give a very elegant and chic look to an Indian ethnic wear. The design of this blouse is very gorgeous and follows the definition of modern fashion perfectly. Embroidered and transparent net saree goes perfectly with an off-shoulder blouse. The best occasion to wear it is evening parties and festive occasions.

off shoulder saree blouse

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4.Sheer Back Saree Blouse

If you love a backless blouse but feel uncomfortable wearing it, then the sheer back saree blouse is just the right fit for you. The sleeves of this blouse are sheer as well and make you look glamorous whenever you wear it. Designer saree with zari work goes well with this type of blouse. If you are a woman who has broad shoulders, then it will look very pretty on you. You can wear them to wedding ceremonies or reception parties.

5.Cape Style Saree Blouse

You can mostly spot a cape style blouse with a lehenga but it looks stunning with a saree as well. After a few celebrities were spotted wearing the cape style blouse with a saree, it became a trend setter and was loved by all. This blouse gives a fusion look which looks very grand and gives a designer vibe. You can wear this saree blouse with a net and embroidered saree. It is best for the festive season and cocktail parties. Women who have a well-toned body or petite women should prefer to wear this saree blouse.

6.Formal Shirt Blouse

This saree blouse is very popular and is loved by many women. Be it a skirt, pants or even a saree, formal shirts go well with every outfit and it has a magical charm. With saree, they look stunning and make you look confident and elegant at the same time. You can pair this formal shirt blouse with any saree. The beauty of it is increased 10 times when you put on a statement jewellery piece with it.

7.Quarter Sleeve Sheer Blouse

Quarter sleeves blouses have been in trend since. If the sleeve is sheer, then women are bound to love this design. The fabric used for making this type of saree blouse is net. You can easily wear it to evening parties. Georgette and net sarees go well with a quarter sleeve sheer blouse.

8.Long Tops and Tunics as a Blouse

It’s not necessary that the blouses which we wear with a saree must be cropped. We can also pair our saree with long tops and tunics and it looks charming too. You can wear it with silk, georgette, chiffon and other sarees and look graceful in it. If you want to get a boho look you can put on some silver jewellery with it and flaunt your style.

9.Mirror Work Saree Blouse

This type of saree blouse is very attractive and stunning. The front part is embellished with mirrors and the back has latkans tied to it. This whole thing makes it unique in its own way and women love this design. This type of saree blouse looks more charming when worn to a night party. It can be easily paired with a georgette saree.

mirror work saree blouse

Image Source- The Loom

10.Jacket or Shrug Blouse

Jackets and shrugs have made a special place in every woman’s wardrobe and they not only look gorgeous with western clothes but also with traditional wear. Jacket or shrug looks mind-blowing with a saree. It may sound weird but these blouses have been a trend-setter and are loved by almost every woman. Many celebrities have been spotted flaunting jackets and blazer blouses. This trendy blouse style was created to revive the fusion saree look.

11.Modern Lace Saree Blouse

This modern saree blouse is an attention seeker and almost every woman has one of these blouses in her wardrobe. The sheer sleeve with a floral pattern can steal the attention of anyone. It is mostly worn at night parties. It goes well with georgette and net sarees. Women who have broad shoulders can look more charming in it.

lace saree blouse

Image Source- Onaya

12.Back Embroidery Saree Blouse

Earlier, mostly brides wore back embroidery saree blouses but now everybody wears it and it is loved by all. In recent years, this type of blouse has become very famous and at every festive function or wedding ceremonies, you can spot ladies wearing it. The charm of this type of blouse is increased manifolds when worn with a silk saree. It can be worn by the bride and in various wedding ceremonies.

Image Source- K4 Fashion

13.T-shirt or Crop Top as a Saree Blouse

It may sound weird but we have already spotted many celebrities in t-shirts and crop tops blouses and it looks gorgeous. This saree blouse gives a trendy yet casual look and is very comforting. You can wear your basic white or black t-shirt to start with. These blouses look stunning with georgette, chiffon, crepe, cotton and linen saree. You can create a dashing indo-western look by pairing contrast coloured blouses with your saree. Keep your jewellery minimal for this blouse design. A pendant and studs would go a long way with this blouse design.

15.All Beaded Saree Blouse

Ever imagined this type of saree blouse? No, right? That’s what makes this saree blouse very interesting and charming. The unique look of it is bound to catch the attention of everybody. You can wear it in the evening and at night parties. Net sarees would look gorgeous on this type of blouse as the design of it can be easily visible. For jewellery, focus more on bangles, bracelets and earrings.

15.Halter Neck Saree Blouse

Halter neck saree blouse is perfect for women who have a well-toned body and narrow shoulders. Women with broad shoulders must not opt for this blouse design. One can design a halter neck blouse using their own creativity. You can also choose a halter neck blouse that has colourful stonework and zari on it. These blouses are generally worn with embroidered and embellished sarees and are perfect for festive seasons and parties. Try to opt out of necklaces and instead wear statement earrings or jhumkas.

halter neck blouse

Image Source- Pinterest

Saree, for a woman, is a way to express herself and the beauty of it increased a thousand times by opting for the right kind of blouse. You can style your saree in any style depending on the type of saree blouse that you choose to wear. Saree blouse is an important part of a saree and it completes its look and makes you look gorgeous. Many times, saree problems can be easily solved because of the type of saree blouse that you are wearing with it.

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