Professional Intro to Makeup Course


Intro to Makeup courses is the most sophisticated learning of makeup training. After finishing all other levels, you will be able to earn and become a makeup artist. This course will teach you how to mould the face used in theatre and Bollywood. To get this type of employment, you must have prior experience. Makeup artists can also get work at events such as fashion shows, weddings, and social gatherings.

● Skincare Routine

Our Intro to Makeup courses provides you the knowledge of everything about skin; like skin types, skincare routine, skin correction, etc.  Here in the Intro to makeup course, you will get to know about the full process of  skin care routine; from day time to night time. Our Expert will teach you how to start your day with fresh skin. Correct use of day cream, sunscreen, face mask, skin hydration, night cream and many more will be taught by our expert. Also, you will get to know about the skin texture, types of skin, skin treatment, types of the skin products available in the market, etc.

● Contouring

Contouring enhances shadows, while highlighting streaks and enhancing upper face areas. So, with this combination of light and shadow, you can subtly redefine and modify your features. In Intro to Makeup techniques, Sculpting and adding dimension to your face with makeup that is a little darker or lighter than your natural skin tone is known as contouring. Contrasting with our regular need for foundation and concealer to precisely match our skin tone, contouring is all about achieving the appearance of shadow and light.

● Concealing

Concealer should be applied underneath concealer to camouflage pigmentation creating a neutral palette. At the time of colour correction or eye makeup, you should always go for opposite colours. If you apply, you can make your concealer work better for you. The best you conceal your looks, the great it will reflect on your face.

● Highlighting

Highlighter is used for focusing face points which highlight when light rays come on skin. Highlight is just the opposite of contouring. Highlighting is the process of applying a lighter shade of makeup to specific regions of your face to draw attention to them, such as the centre of your forehead, the top portion of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, the chin, and cupid’s bow.

● Blushing

One thing that instantly gives you a healthy, glowing glow is blush. When your cheekbones are hidden by several layers of makeup, a blush will draw attention to them. Additionally, because it offers you skin that looks healthy and provides your cheeks with a burst of colours, it helps you to seem a bit less drab and exhausted.

Types of Makeup you learn here

  • Natural Makeup
  • Party Makeup
  • Office Going Look
  • Office Party Makeup
  • Glittery Wedding look
  • Engagement Look
  • Wedding Reception Look
  • Mehendi Look
  • Sangeet Look
  • Anniversary Look
  • Birthday Party Look

Learn to Build Makeup Kit

In this course of ours, experts will teach you how to make a makeup kit, in which you will know which products are good from which company from basic makeup to bridal makeup. Which brand should you use? Which products are essential that must be there? Apart from this, information will also be given about different tools for different makeup. Through this course, you will be on your way to becoming a successful makeup artist.

Apart from the above, there are so many ways to learn an Intro to Makeup Course at home, within a couple of months of hard work. We are always ready to welcome you on our platform. Learn in your own language. Now that you know how to learn about Intro to Makeup Course, draw all your creativity together and fill your palette out with the colours of your creativity.


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So, what are you waiting for? Join Hunar Online Courses and do what you always wanted to do.

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