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In this blog we are talking about the DIY tutorial to create fabric painting designs. Let us see how painting is done on fabric? What are its types and what should be taken care of? Let’s start painting

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First of all, we will know how many ways we can do fabric painting designs.

  1. Fingerprinting
  2. Block Printing
  3. Vegetable Printing
  4. Dry Shading
  5. Wet Shading
  6. Wet Printing
  7. Warli
  8. Madhubani
  9. Dot and Line
fabric painting

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  1. Fabric Colour Paint
  2. Paint Brushes
  3. Water
  4. Colour Mixing Bowl
  5. Designing Fabric
  6. Colour Palette
  7. Dusting Cloth
fabric painting


1. Slender your fabric paint

Before starting fabric painting designs, dilute it a little by mixing it with water. This will make it thinner and easier to paint later. Water should not be used much, its quantity with paint should be 1:8 only. Prepare a good solution according to the method of your paint and fabric and mix it properly.

2. Clothes to Water

Now take your fabric and soak it in water and make it wet. If you want, you can also wash the fabric lightly. Lightly wet fabric makes it easier to paint. You should keep this in mind that the water you are using must be clean and dust free, otherwise it will affect the fabric.

3. Fabric Dyeing

Before dyeing a fabric, it is important to know that each fabric is of a different type, which is why it is very important to take care of hands while dyeing it. If you want, you can also use hand gloves. Pour dyeing paint into a large vessel. Now lightly soak the fabric in it. Now slowly keep stirring it with the help of a stick. Once it gets colored, keep it aside and safe to get dry.

4. Fabric Placing

Now spread the dried fabric on a flat surface. Keep in mind that before this it is necessary to lay a sheet of paper under a fabric.

5. Start Painting

Next step in fabric painting designs is to take a soft painting brush and start applying pain to create magic with your hands. Once the paint is completely dry (at least 24 hours), it should be heat set to ensure durability and clean ability. Most fabrics can be heat set with a medium or hot iron for 3-5 minutes.

6. Washing the Fabric

Now the final step in our DIY fabric painting designs, is to wash your painted fabric cloth. Once you are done with all your painting, just keep your fabric safe and wait for at least 48 hours. Then wash your fabric and see your fabric painting designs are ready to showcase!

fabric painting


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  1. Fabric Designing: Dyeing and Printing
  2. Fabric Designing: Indian Hand Painting
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