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Nowadays, people believe that just by watching videos made by influencers, one can learn anything. But the truth is that online tutorials only work when you have someone who is skilled and talented on the other side of the screen. NSDC fashion designing courses are now available on various platforms to young and talented fashion enthusiasts around the country. NSDC offers a garment making course among other fashion designing courses. These NSDC fashion designing courses are more trustworthy when compared to any other platform offering you only plain video tutorials. The biggest advantage of doing an NSDC certified course is that you get a certificate that is recognized by the govt. of India.


In today’s world of glamour and fashion, there is an opportunity for everyone to understand their talent and create a business out of it. If you have always dreamt of starting your business, you just need to have two things: the right guidance and the right passion. Online NSDC fashion designing courses help you become a fashion designer from the comfort of your home and also give you enough confidence to be able to start your own business.


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What Are the Different Topics Taught in an NSDC Fashion Designing and Garment Making Course?


Fashion designing is a huge field where you have a lot to learn about. In order to start your own business, it is necessary that you understand all the details about the skill. Here are some things that you can learn through an NSDC fashion designing course:


1.Introduction to Garment Making Course


The very first thing that you learn in any fashion related course is the background about the subject. Although garment making seems like a simple topic where there is not much to know, there is a lot of theory that you need to be aware of. Garment making is a skill that is very intricate, and one needs to first understand the basics of it. Any NSDC Garment Making course will first teach you a little about the background and history of garment making for you to be well aware of the subject.




The very first step in designing a fabric is drafting out the right measurements and cuts. Drafting refers to drawing on the fabric using some chalk to map out exactly where to make the cuts. Drafting is the most important step in fashion designing and garment making since the measurement of the whole fabric depends on how accurately you draft. You might have a great design in mind but one wrong step in drafting can create a huge blunder. Imagine a case where you have bought a piece of very expensive fabric to make a pretty dress out of it. But while stitching the dress you realize that you have done something wrong and now the whole fabric becomes unusable. This is why knowing how to draft well is very necessary if you were to be an NSDC certified fashion designer.


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3.Cutting the Fabric


Once you have done the drafting on the fabric, the next step in garment making is to make the right cuts. A fabric can be stitched into a garment only when you cut it at the right points and then sew the cut ends together. Any NSDC garment making course will first teach you how and where to make the cuts in the fabric before you start stitching it. Nowadays, cuts play an important role in the overall design of the fabric. People are looking for garments with fancy cuts and are avoiding basic clothes. As a future garment designer, it is therefore necessary for you to understand what are the different types of cuts that you can use while making a specific garment. For example, the neck of a blouse can be stitched in various stylish ways to increase the beauty of the blouse.


cutting fabrics
Tailor cutting fabric using large scissors or shears as he follows the chalk markings of the pattern, close up of his hands


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The last but the major step in garment making is sewing everything together. The golden final stitch is what ties the entire garment together. Although fashion designing is not only about sewing, it is still important for a designer to know the basics of sewing. Any NSDC garment making course can provide you immense knowledge about the different ways of sewing different fabrics. For example, how you sew a blouse is completely different from how you sew a t-shirt. But as a business owner, it is necessary that you learn about both.


sewing fabrics


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5.Keeping Up with the Trends


Fashion industry is one such industry that is constantly changing and evolving. If you are looking to start a business in the fashion industry, you should always keep yourself updated with the latest trends and happenings. Fashion trends are not long lasting, people want to experience a new look every day. An NSDC Garment Making course not only teaches you how to make fabrics but also teaches you all about the latest happenings and trends in the fashion industry.


Hunar online courses is a platform that offers an NSDC Garment Making course which covers over 20 topics related to garment making. The course also gives you access to talk to experts at any time and get all your doubts clarified. Hunar online provides you access to video tutorials and gives you the freedom to learn from the comfort of your home. Hunar online has successfully helped women start their own boutiques and create meaningful brands.


So, if you are passionate about fashion and have been waiting for the right opportunity to start your own business, this is it.  


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