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Hunar Online Courses App

Why buy clothes when you can make your own fashion collection while sitting at home? In the present times, many people are learning how to stitch garments easily for themselves and their family members. Stitching your own clothes gives you the liberty of styling your wardrobe the way you like it. If you are someone who loves fashion and is into fashion designing, then making your own garments will give you a great sense of satisfaction. Having said that, an online courses app will help you the best!


The Hunar Online Courses App offers an array of skills , which you can learn under the garment making course such as Indian clothes, Western clothes, Kids clothes, Men’s wear and a lot more. Enroling in these courses will help you create the perfect pieces of fabric for your whole family. Fashion designing and garment making go hand-in-hand. One needs to understand the step-wise process that goes into creating a perfect piece of fabric. Making garments at home also requires a lot of practice and patience. But the most important part is to be creative and to learn about the latest fashion trends that are being adopted by the society. Once you know what you have to create, the rest of the process becomes easier and more fun. Let us look at the various steps that are involved in garment making.


Making clothes at home


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Important Steps Involved in Garment Making:

Creating the Design:

The first step to make the perfect garment is to make a rough design of what you want to stitch. This design will act as a blueprint for you throughout the process. Your design will just be a starting point that will guide you in making the right kind of fabric. Many fashion designers believe that a detailed fashion illustration is necessary if you need to make a dress. But the truth is that the illustration should just be enough to guide you through the process. Before creating your fashion sketch, it is necessary to do some research. For example, if  you want to make a blouse for your saree, it is important for you to know what types of blouses can be made and what type of blouse design is currently popular among women.

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Choosing the Right Fabric:

The fabric you select will act as the base for you to create any kind of dress. The fabric you pick should align with the design of the garment that you have in mind. Picking a piece of fabric that is too thick or too thin can also backfire. A very thin fabric cannot just be stitched on its own, you need to attach another piece of thick fabric behind it. On the other hand, choosing a very thick piece of fabric will make stitching much harder and you may not be able to get the perfect stitch like you imagined. Your fashion design sketch will act as a guiding light even while deciding what fabric to use. If you plan to add embroidery and embellishments on your fabric, then it is necessary to pick a piece of cloth that you can embroider on without too much hassle.

Buying Fabric

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Taking the Right Measurements:

In order to be able to create a garment that perfectly fits you or your family members, it is important for you to know how to take measurements correctly. Different kinds of fabrics require different measurements. For example, the measurements needed in stitching a blouse are very different from the ones needed to create a t-shirt or a kurta. Once you have carefully taken all the measurements that are needed, you can now mark these measurements with a piece of chalk on the fabric you chose. You can simply mark the various places that need to be cut and stitched together. The fashion illustration that you created will again come to use here. While taking measurements for kids’ garments, it is advisable that you keep the fabric a little loose.

Start Stitching:

Now, you are finally ready to start stitching your garment. With your blueprint and all your measurements in place, you are now ready to cut your fabric and make the right stitches. Keep in mind that you have to follow specific steps while stitching a fabric. For example, while stitching a blouse, one needs to first get the pattern of the neck right before moving on to the other parts of the blouse. The lines that you drew with chalk will also act as a guide when you start stitching your garment. It is necessary to pay careful attention to every stitch. One wrong stitch will lead to making a huge mistake and there are chances you will have to re-stitch the whole garment again.

Add Some Embroidery or Embellishments

Once your fabric is ready and stitched, you can start adding hand embroidery designs or embellishments if you want. Adding stones and beads to your fabric can enhance the beauty. Indian fashion designers keep innovating and creating new trends in the industry, following these trends is necessary if you want to create the best kind of fashion for yourself and your family.


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The Hunar Online Courses App helps you in learning various skills while being in the comfort of your home. Hunar online offers certificate courses in various fields of fashion and fashion designing. If you are passionate about starting your own business, the Hunar Online App is the right start for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Download our app and register today.

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