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Get everything from beauty and makeup with online beauty courses. Nowadays there is a different type of makeup for every special occasion. There is bridal makeup for the bride, bridesmaid makeup for going to the wedding, separate makeup for office parties, different makeup for a professional look, etc. So many options are available in our online beauty courses. It is also important to understand which makeup will be right for which occasion. The right makeup will not only enhance your beauty but will also give a new look to your face. This is a one-of-a-kind professional beauty parlour certificate course.


In this online beauty courses, we give you 4 types of beauty course classes: –

1. Basic Professional Makeup

2. Bridal Makeup

3. Into Makeup

4. Party Makeup

Basic Professional Makeup Course

Beauty needs perfection and perfection needs practice. In this online beauty course, you will be able to learn the basic course of professional makeup. This course gives you all the skills required for a basic beauty course. This online beauty makeup course covers all the facts that come under professional makeup. Skin analysis talks about the types of skin, their maintenance, and applications of the skincare routine. The entire application is taught from the first to the last step of makeup. In this online beauty course, skin correction, foundation application, use of concealer, eye makeup, and lipstick selection have also been taught. This online beauty course introduces you to all the elements that are essential for a basic beautician course.

Let us now know what are the other benefits of these online beauty courses-

  • First of all, it not only introduces you to professional makeup but also teaches all the skills related to the beautician course.
  • This Professional Makeup Online Beauty Course teaches the application of makeup to suit the skin and face.
  • Preparing your portfolio.
  • Keeping your career in mind, Online Beautiful helps you grow like a beautician. With this, you will be able to open your makeup studio.

Bridal Makeup Course

The next course in our online beauty courses is bridal makeup i.e., the makeup of the bride. The biggest test of a make-up artist lies in the makeup of a bride. If you do the makeup of a bride, then you have to be very careful, because the biggest day of a woman is her wedding day. Every woman is very curious and conscious about her bridal makeup. Through this online beauty course, you will study the nuances of that makeup. Our experts also guide you with live makeup training.

This online beauty course is specially designed keeping in mind bridal makeup. In this section, you will learn makeup skills from the wedding day for all occasions. Bridal makeup includes all types of makeup from wedding day makeup to other occasions like Haldi, Sangeet, Mehndi, Engagement, Wedding Reception, Cocktail Party, Pre-Bridal Occasion, Bachelorette Party, etc.

Also, in this online beauty course, all these facts like Contouring, Highlighting, Hair Styling, Eye Makeup, Lip Makeup, and Wedding Looks will be taught in the live class. In the Bridal Makeup Course, you will get expert knowledge, which will help you become a better beautician and guide you to become a self-reliant makeup artist.

Intro to Makeup Course

The third beauty course that this online video course provides is an Intro to Makeup course. This is a short-term makeup course, in which you will be able to learn small nuances of makeup in a short time. This beauty course covers small elements that go a long way in creating a basic casual look.

This beauty course refers to the nuances of basic makeup to professional makeup in one place. Like; this makeup will help you in creating the look for the office meeting and also in learning the bright and glittery makeup like a cocktail party. Accordingly, you can call it an all-in-one shortcut course.

Party Makeup Course

The fourth very important course in our online beauty course is Party Makeup. Party means enjoying all those small moments altogether. There are many types of parties, so their makeup should also be different. This course will help you learn all those makeup looks.

Casual makeup has been told in this online beauty course, where you will find 5+ short makeup courses. And all these courses have been made on a single platform so that you can study all the nuances in one course.

Online Beauty Courses

In this party makeup course, we have designed all the elements of makeup like blushing, contouring, skin care, etc. The best thing about this course is its skincare routine chapter. Different skin needs a different look. Here on this platform, you will get live classes on skincare routines. Our experts will teach you everything from basic skincare solutions to simple and elegant makeup looks.

All types of party makeup have been covered in this online beauty course. Like different makeup looks for mehndi, different makeup looks for an office party, dress suit makeup looks for a casual party, the right use of brush and makeup product, eye, and lip makeup according to hairstyle and clothes, etc.

Overall, Hunar Online Beauty and Makeup Courses is an excellent platform for anyone who wants to learn beauty and makeup skills from industry experts and gain the confidence to pursue a career in the field.

Online Beauty Courses

At Hunar Online, you will get access to detailed video lessons and can learn from anywhere. You will get 24/7 faculty support and a chance to learn from the experts in the industry. You can also watch our trial classes and get a glimpse of our courses. You can start learning your favourite course by downloading the app.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Hunar Online Courses and do what you always wanted to do.

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