New Jewellery Designs for 2021

new jewellery design

Latest jewellery designs are inspired by the culture and tradition of the country. One can consider it as the most valuable asset of a woman. If you want to stand out in the crowd and look gorgeous, try putting on some jewellery that compliments your outfit. From a long time, jewellery has played an important role in increasing the beauty of a woman and enhancing her looks. It is also a symbol of a person’s wealth and power. They also represent the status of a person in the society. It is an ever-evolving industry, therefore catch up on the new jewellery designs for 2021 in this blog!

From time immemorial people have loved to wear jewellery. One can not trace the exact date but the history of jewellery goes back to the 5th century. Many figurines were found at the excavation sites that wore earrings and bangles, which signify that the trend of wearing jewellery has been with us since ages. There are many types of jewellery designs from gold jewellery to beads and wire jewellery. From traditional jewellery designs to modern faux jewellery. There are many institutes that teach jewellery designing courses in India. You can also learn this course online with Hunar Online Courses.

With the changing fashion trend, the jewellery designs are also changing. People like to wear modern jewellery with their modern outfits. There are many new jewellery designs that have been in trend for a while now. Many people love them. Let’s have a look at them one by one:

1. Riot of Colours

In this jewellery design, you will see different types of gemstones of vibrant colours placed side by side and close to each other. This jewellery design focuses on the playfulness and mood boosting trait of jewellery. It got its name from the use of colourful gems that are used in one jewellery.  This type of jewellery is very versatile and you can wear it with any colour. It is an extremely bold and dramatic jewellery piece. This is the reason why people love it so much and it is trending in 2021.

2. Pearl Power

The beauty of the pearl is so surreal that no one can believe that it is created by a living organism. Pearls give a royal look and in the olden days only members of a royal family and noblemen would wear a pearl jewellery. Not everyone could afford it. The things are different today and there are imitations of pearls available in the market. Everyone can wear pearl jewellery be it original or artificial. They give a classy and elegant look. You can style them any way and wear them with any outfit. This quality of pearl makes it versatile and this is why everyone loves it.

3. Floral Jewellery

Another trend that started few years back and is going strong in 2021 is of floral jewellery. One mostly prefers these jewellery designs during marriage ceremonies and festivals. From mehendi function to haldi, you can incorporate these floral motifs with your outfit and look amazing in them. The fact that these motifs symbolises good fortune, eternity and purity, people love it more.

floral jewellery

Image Source- Krafted with Happiness

4. Very Long Earrings

The trend of very long earrings has taken the fashion industry by wave. Almost everybody loves the comeback of these earrings that touch your shoulder. They are usually funky and vibrant and one mostly prefers them during the wedding season and festivals. You can pair them with traditional and modern clothes both and get a stylish look.

 long earrings

Image Source- Swadeshi Khareed

5. Traditional Statement Jewellery

Weddings these days are incomplete with the traditional statement jewellery. These jewellery have made a strong comeback in 2021. With all the new classy trends taking over people’s heart, traditional statement jewellery has been trending and more in demand in 2021. This year, the conventional jewellery designs are here to stay. The designs of this statement jewellery remind people of the rich culture and heritage of India. Whenever you wear these jewellery you’ll always be reminded of the ethnicity and culture of the Indian society. They go best with traditional outfits and can be widely seen during the wedding and festive seasons. With Hunar Online Courses, learn latest jewellery designs as well as stay in touch with culture.

6. Minimal Necklaces

Modern day women want to be close to the Indian tradition but cannot wear heavy jewellery. This is why minimal necklaces are becoming the modern day trend. Pendants and chokers are mostly preferred by women. You can wear them with modern as well as with traditional outfits. You can keep your style simple and fancy at the same time.


Image Source- DARKROOM

Jewellery is an integral part of every woman’s life and her life is incomplete without it. In India, jewellery also symbolises the marital status of a woman. The best part about Indian jewellery is that you can look modern and stay connected to your culture and tradition at the same time.

People assume that jewellery designing is very tough but that is not true. To master this skill, you just need to be consistent. Hunar Online Courses offers a Jewellery Designing Course where you can use your creative skills and learn latest jewellery designs easily. You can enrol in our Online Jewellery Designing Courses. It has easy video classes which are accessible every time and you can learn from anywhere. You also get 24/7 faculty support which will help you clear your doubts. So, what are you waiting for? Join Hunar Online Courses and start paving a new path to your career.

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