Things You Can Learn with Our Government Certified Fabric Designing Course

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Textile Designing is a huge part of any fashion designing course. With the help of fabric design, one can create a variety of fabrics that can be used in making trendy fashion outfits. Also, there are many techniques used in fabric designing that are famous all across India. Indian techniques and fabric designs from different states of country are popular all around the world.

Different textile designing techniques are used by Indian fashion designers while creating exciting fabrics. An NSDC fabric designing course teaches you how to make new fashion with the help of fabric design. Hence, these courses come with a government certificate that helps in recognizing your skill and starting your own business. Fabric design will always stay one of the most important parts of fashion designing. There are many fabric designing techniques that can be used to make different types of garments at home. So, if you are someone who is interested in the field of textile designing, here are some things you can learn with the help of an NSDC fabric designing course.

Learn Different Techniques in Fabric Designing

1. Dyeing and Printing

Textile designing is nothing but the art of making colourful patterns on a plain fabric using different techniques. Dyeing is a technique in which you can colour an entire fabric or parts of the fabric using dyes of different colours. This textile designing technique involves the new trends like Tie-Dye. Hunar Online Courses’ NSDC fabric designing course will teach you the science behind different types of fabrics and how you can dye them.

Printing is another textile designing technique under which fabrics are decorated using different designs and paints. There are a variety of fabric printing designs famous in India which have been in fashion since a lot of generations. Along with these designs, a fabric designing course will teach you how to create a number styles and motifs on a fabric. For someone who wants to be a fabric designer, learning the basics of fabric printing is necessary. There are different techniques that are involved in dyeing and printing such as the mirror technique, the enlargement and reduction technique, the diamond technique, straight and alternate fabric design techniques etc. You can create a new piece of fabric that looks absolutely gorgeous using some of the textile designing techniques.

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2.Indian Handpainting

In the early days, when there were no machines or computers to create designs on a fabric. The technique of hand painting was used by many. Many Indian art forms have inspired textile designing in the country that has become famous worldwide. Indian hand painting techniques are extremely elegant and beautiful and need a lot of time to be done perfectly. But the right NSDC fabric designing course will teach you how to easily decorate fabrics by using some of these traditional techniques. With practice, you can also learn how to create great Indian designs on fabrics of various types.

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Some of the famous Indian hand painting techniques used in textile designing are, the Kalamkari technique, the Madhubani technique and the Warli technique. Each of these are practiced in different parts of the country where women love to wear traditional fashion. The best part about this style is that it is very unique and can be used to create personalized designs. With the help of Indian hand painting techniques, many fashion designers are able to tell stories with the fabrics that they create. Indian hand painting techniques are still used very popularly in the fashion industry.

3. Natural Dyeing

This is another famous fabric designing technique that is used in creating colourful garments. This type of technique can be used to create a variety of garments. For example, kurtas, t-shirts, tank tops, scarves, cushion covers, bedsheets, tablecloths and many other fashion and home décor items. Textile designing is generally about dyeing the fabrics using natural techniques that have been practiced since many years.

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A plain piece of fabric is very boring and is sometimes not enough to create a look that you desire. This is when you use a variety of natural dyeing techniques and add more spice to a fabric. An NSDC fabric designing course with Hunar Online will teach you how to create the right fabric designs. Also, using the natural dyeing technique. The designs created can be different depending upon the type of fabric, colour and technique.

If you are interested in creating fresh pieces of fabric at home, sign up for a fabric designing course. The benefits of an NSDC course are many: you get a government recognized certificate, you get a chance to learn from experts, you learn a new creative skill, you are prepared to start your own boutique or business.

At Hunar Online Courses we provide certified fabric designing courses. You can learn how to make different types of fabrics from home. With this course, you can prepare yourself to build a career in the field of fabric designing which is popular. Hunar Online Courses is a platform that offers a wide range of courses in the field of fashion designing. It has enabled many women across India to start their own business. At Hunar Online, you will get access to detailed video lessons and can learn from anywhere. You will get 24/7 faculty support and a chance to learn from the experts of the industry.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Hunar Online Courses and start paving a new path to your career.

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