Jewellery Making Materials are used in Jewellery Designing. Importance of handmade jewellery is built into Indian culture. Jewellery plays a symbolic role in Indian culture. They have an ethnic and spiritual significance, especially during a wedding ceremony. The jewellery worn by the bride signifies that she becomes part of her husband’s extended family. Traditional Indian jewellery has its own perception. Jewellery generally emphasises beauty. In Indian culture, jewellery worn by women signifies status, wealth and status in society.

Let us see some examples of the handmade jewellery and the jewellery making materials used in them.

1.Embellished Beaded Necklace

Multiple types of pearls or Beads that are decorative spheres made of stone, glass or plastic, with a hole in the centre to be worn on a necklace or bracelet. You can make your own jewellery by stringing multicoloured beads on a long string.

Material Used– Seed Beads, Stone Beads, Pearls or Pearl Beads, Silk or Nylon Thread or wire, closures and wire cutter.

2.Stud Earrings

Ear Jewellery comes with different sizes. These are perfect jewellery pieces for any occasion. It is usually made of alloy and brass material.

Material Used– Paper Towel, Stud Earring Flat backs, Jewellery Glue, Toothpick, Pennant, Beads and Buttons.

3.Chand Bali

Chand balis are the most trending wedding wear jewellery in Indian Market.

Material Used– Beads and Pearls, Wires, hooks, Nylon threads.

Source: Blue Stone

4.Statement Rings

Statement Rings are the rings that are a little bigger than general fashion rings. Also known as a cocktail ring, it is embedded with diamonds, gems or stones.

Material Used– Metals, gold, silver, stone cutter, gemstone.

Source: Rhea Jewellery


Embellished Choker is a significance of vintage jewellery. If we talk about vintage gold jewellery, the bridal choker comes first. Choker studded with metals and gems enhances the beauty of the bride. It is a bit heavier than a regular choker.

Material Used– Plastic Beads. Velvet, latex, leather, gold or platinum.

Source: Binnis Wardrobe

6.Nose Rings

Nowadays, different types of nose rings are available in the market. But in marriage brides always use long and round nose rings. Sometimes a big ring has to be worn in the form of a Nath. The best option is Rajput Nath. Try it out!

Material Used– Stainless steel, diamond, wires, niobium.

Source: Ubuy India


Bangles are the commonly used jewellery piece that enhances hand or wrist beauty.

Material Used– Threads, wires, gems, jewellery glue, plain bangles, scissors.



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