What Should Your Makeup Kit Include?

Makeup Kit

The most beautiful thing in the world is a makeup kit, of course. What goes into a makeup kit? This is a tricky question for sure as there are so many makeup products available in the market. So, we have to be very certain about the products we include in our makeup kit and the products that can be kept at bay.

Essential Tools:

What’s the most essential part of any makeup kit box? – Brushes. By using the right tools, everyone from the most skilled makeup artist to the woman who wears only the basics can benefit. Invest in at least a few high-quality key brushes, blush, eye shadow, eyebrow and eyeliner brushes.

Good and less expensive brushes are not hard to find and are available at beauty and art supply stores. Familiarise yourself with a variety of styles, shapes, and bristle types to find out which brushes you need and which ones are of good quality.

Assessing Brush Quality

Before purchasing brushes for your makeup kit, you need to know what you are looking for and which brushes are available within your budget. Assess the quality of a brush for inclusion in your makeup kit by testing the way the bristles feel against the skin and by running your fingers through the bristles to make sure that they don’t shed. When you hold a brush in your hand, it needs to feel comfortable and easy to manoeuvre.


  • Brush Size- Most makeup compacts have brushes that are too small and narrow for proper blush application. Keep them aside and use a brush designed specifically for that purpose instead.
  • Natural Bristles-Natural bristles are made of animal hair such as squirrel, goat, etc. and offer a more blended, natural application. They are ideal for working with powder-based products such as powder, blush and eyeshadow.
  • Synthetic Bristles-Synthetic bristles give you greater control and a more precise application and so, are the ideal choice for brushes that will be used with creamy products, such as concealers and gel liners.
makeup brush

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1.Blush Brush

A makeup kit for girls should contain a blush brush wide enough to cover the apple of the cheek. The brush should have curved edges and the bristles should be soft.

2.Bronzer Brush

Bronzer Brushes have a flat profile and are thicker and fuller than a blush brush. It is made for sweeping and pressing bronzer over cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin to provide natural-looking warmth to the skin.

3.Brow Brush

A brow brush has stiff, short bristles cut on an angle which is made for applying shadow to the brows. While buying a brow brush for your makeup kit, look for a blend of synthetic and natural bristles.

4.Concealer Brush

Since the concealer brush will be used on the delicate skin under the eyes it should have firm and soft bristles that aren’t too hard or scratchy.

For your professional makeup kit, look for a brush with glossy synthetic hairs. The bristles with tapered ends help you place concealer in hard-to-reach spots and apply a stick foundation to cover any redness around the nose.

5.Eye Contour Brush

To contour the eye opt for a round, flat-head, natural-hair brush with short, dense bristles to apply a greater amount of shadow in the crease.

6.Eye Shadow Brush

A makeup kit should consist of an eye shadow brush that is wide enough to cover about half the eyelid and has natural, soft, rounded bristles with bevelled edges to deposit shadow across the lower lid without leaving any harsh lines.

7.Eye Smudge Brush

To create a smoky look with the help of a smudged liner, choose a small-head smudge brush with a slightly rounded point and soft, flexible bristles.

8.Eyelash Comb

An eyelash comb is used to separate lashes immediately after applying mascara while the lashes are still wet and have straight, stiff and fine teeth.

9.Eyelash Curler

An eyelash curler is used to shape the lashes into a natural-looking curl. When buying an eyelash curler for your makeup kit box, look for a basic metal version with rubber pads. Always curl the lashes before applying mascara and remember to replace the pads regularly.

10.Eyeliner Brush

You can opt for an angled, flat or ultra-fine eyeliner brush for inclusion in your makeup kit.

11.Face Brush

It is a natural or synthetic fluffy, curved brush that can be used to apply blush, bronzer or powder

12.Foundation Brush

To deposit just the right amount of foundation onto the skin choose a full, flat-edged brush with synthetic bristles

13.Lip Brush

For your professional makeup kit, choose a lip brush that has synthetic or natural bristles, that allows for the precise placement of lip colour.

14.Powder Brush

Designed for use with both loose and pressed powders, it is a natural hair, large, fluffy brush with soft bristles that bevel to a slight point for navigating around the nose and under the eyes.


powder puff makeup

source: Taiwan

A powder puff is designed to press powder onto the face to lock the foundation in place.


For your makeup kit, you can choose disposable sponges that are invaluable as you can toss the dirty ones and take a new one while higher-quality sponges can be washed and reused many times. Wedge-shaped sponges are best for blending as well as applying foundation around the hard-to-reach places.

17.Touch up Brush

This brush is used with the foundation for spot touch-ups and hard-to-reach areas around the nose and mouth. It can also be used to touch up concealer and for the application of eye shadow



source: amazon.in

For a well-organised makeup kit box, it is worth investing in a good pair of tweezers that are angled at the tip as they are easier to control than those that come to a sharp point. When they are not in use, remember to cover the tips of the tweezers with the included rubber cap.

We have tried to make sure that with the help of the above-mentioned tools in your makeup kit and the guidance of our online classes, you are ready for every occasion, for every need.

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