Fabric painting on saree is an art of painting different sketches on fabric. You can enhance the saree look with your creativity with painting. Textile dyes can give different effects to dyes and inks, making each garment individual and unique. There is no better way to express your personality and stand out from the crowd.

Not only that, but creating your own designs can boost your confidence. It feels good to make something that no one else has. Fabric painting on saree can also refresh old and faded designs. It helps you reuse and recycle your old clothes and give them new life. Get eco-friendly clothing and sustainable fashion at your fingertips. Here, in this blog we are guiding Fabric painting on saree step by step.

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What you’ll need for easy fabric painting on saree?

  • Carbon Paper
  • Drawing Paper
  • Drawing sketch
  • Fabric Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush set contains of different types of brushes
  • Sponge
  • Colour Palate
  • Normal Water
  • Paper towel or tissues
  • Saree of your choice (Here we are taking cotton saree for example)
  • A medium size embroidery hoop
  • Apron for your wearing clothes’ safety


Let’s Start Fabric Painting on Saree-

Step 1

For this, first wash and clean the saree on which the fabric painting is to be done. The saree should be completely clean and perfect. Although painting can be done in any type of saree, but we suggest you some fabric which is best for painting, it is as follows-

  • cotton or cotton blend
  • linens
  • organza
  • silk
  • chiffon

Step 2

First draw your favourite shape on a drawing paper. Mark the design on the part you have chosen to paint by placing carbon paper and drawing paper on it. Now start painting the saree from the middle. Now put an embroidery hoop on that part of the saree. Tight it properly. Now start making a thin outline with your brush.

Step 3

Now choose the fabric colour of your choice. Choosing the right paint is the main thing for fabric painting on saree. It should contrast with the saree colour. Fabric colours usually work well with light base colours such as white, cream, or pale yellow. That doesn’t mean you can’t paint a purple jacket. Start painting from the centre. Keep in mind that it starts with a single coat. Gradually paint with all your patience with double and triple coats with different colour for fabric painting on saree. Repeat this process for the whole saree, step by step.

Step 4

Now spread your saree and keep it aside to get dry. It will take time, so do not do any new experiments while drying it. Generally, it takes 7 days to get ready for permanent residency. Do not try to wash your saree within a week after painting, otherwise your paint can be washed out.

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  • Always try to colour differently on your saree border. If your saree is plain or has no border then make it broad with border style design.
  • Always wear an apron and plastic gloves while Fabric painting on a saree to keep your clothes and hands safe.


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