Make Unique Jewellery from Home with Our Govt-Recognised Course

jewellery making courses in online

Women love jewellery, but instead of buying them, you can craft beautiful pieces using beads & wires. With Hunar Online’s courses, you not only learn to make earrings, necklaces, rings and much more from home but also learn to start a business with this skill.

Here are types of jewellery making you can learn with Hunar Online:


Rings are a common yet most loved accessory. You would be surprised to see how much you can craft just by using beads and wires. When worn with complementary dresses, it makes you look brighter and beautiful. Now, you can also learn to make such exquisite rings by joining Hunar Online jewellery making course.

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One of the most loved necklaces is made using beads and wires as they give more modern and outgoing kind of look. The speciality of these types of necklaces is that everybody loves to wear them and they can be worn with any garment. You can also learn to craft them with our online jewellery making course from the comfort of your home and get a Govt-recognised certificate. 

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There are many types of earrings you can make using beads and wires like hoops, wire wraps, tube beads and much more. They look amazing and look great with ethnic outfits. Not only that, but beads and wire earrings also look very fashionable when worn with a fusion dress.

So, what are you waiting for? Enrol in our online jewellery making course and get Govt-recognised certificate with Hunar Online Courses. Learn to make bracelets and many other accessories, get mentored by Bollywood celebrities.

Get all the Excitement through the Hunar Online Courses APP Today. 

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