Make Beautiful Home Décor Items Using Ribbon Embroidery With Our Fashion Course In Nagpur!

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The kind of material we use to decorate our homes speak a lot about our likes and dislikes. While some people like to keep it minimal, others choose bold decorative items.

Though there are many home décor products available in the market, one of the best part of designing your own products is that you can customise them as per your choice and sell them as your own unique collection.

Hunar Online encourages people to enhance their skills as per their convenience. Hence, we have introduced our latest Online Fashion Courses in Nagpur that will help you learn embroidery and use them to create decorative pieces!

Here are 3 types of home décor items you can make using ribbon embroidery. Let’s check them out:

Cushion Covers

Cushion covers fills the blank spaces in the living room. They are fancy and with the help of ribbon embroidery, they make your house look more sophisticated. Join our Online Fashion Designing in Nagpur and learn more about various types’ of embroidery and stitching garments.

Table Covers

We all have dining table at home and decorating it can make the house look classier. You can use different things to decorate these covers. Enrol in our Fashion Designing Colleges in Nagpur to know more about this type of embroideries.


Placemats are an important part of our home décor. Do you know that you can now decorate them using various embroidery methods? They will make your home look bright and beautiful.

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Are you interested in learning more about creating unique home décor pieces using embroidery? With Hunar Online’s Fashion Courses in Nagpur, you can learn about all of them. Enrol in our courses today and get your skills certified by the government of India through NSDC.

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