Love Night Wear? Make Them on Your Own With These 3 Garment Making Ideas

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As soon as we get back home, all of us can’t wait to change into clothes that are comfortable. Let’s be honest, these clothes are usually our nightwear! Be it the cute pajamas, lovely t-shirts or a soft nighty, we all feel extremely relaxed in them and sleep seems to seep in easily with them. Hence, we do not feel like wearing any other garment at home.

Night wear was once a shapeless garment, but now you can find them in different designs and types. But did you know, making them is just as easy as wearing them? Here are the 3 Garment Making ideas that can help you in making some amazing night wears. Check them out:

1. Half-Sized Night Dress

Half-sized night dresses are overloaded with cuteness and are extremely comfortable. These are simple t-shirt dresses and you can learn to make them very easily through a course in Garment Construction.

2. Night Gown/ Nightie

Night gowns are every woman’s favourite. Add embroidery, laces or other fancy items to give your sleep wear and cool and chic look. Enrol in our Garment Creation Courses and learn to design beautiful nighties from the comfort of your home.

3. Pajama Set

If you do not like the two night dresses mentioned above, then this pajama set is definitely something you would want. A comfortable pant and a cosy t-shirt is worn & loved by every woman. Give them a personalised touch through the Garment Creation Process.

Apart from these 3 nightwear, there are more varieties that you can explore! With Hunar Online’s Courses in Garment Design, you can learn about all of them! Enrol in our courses and get certified by the National Skill Development Corporation!

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