Learn to Use Traditional Paintings on Outfits Through Fabric Designing!

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As a child, we used to love playing with our paints and brushes. However, with adulting, many of us have given up on drawing & paintings. Yet, it is quite possible that whenever you see paints, you will want to start painting again.

Modern designers often use these beautiful art forms on fabrics to create unique designs and patterns. When compared to other form of art, traditional paintings are trending all over the world.

Here are the 3 trending types of traditional paintings. Check them out:


India has a rich tradition of folk art, which originated from the tribes in different parts of the country. Initially, a series of dots and dashes were used in this painting. However, these days, the modern artists have started using straight lines in their art. The Textile Design Classes can teach you to use these beautifully on fabrics.


Madhubani art mainly focuses on sculptures that depicts gods and deities. This is created using fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens and matchsticks. Designers use natural dyes and pigments to put this drawing on paper. The Textile Design Courses can teach you ways to beautify your outfits with this technique.


Kalamkari is painted using the organic colours that can dry quickly and easily absorbed by any fabric. Several designers use these designs to create something unique. The Textile and Design Courses can teach you to do this lovely painting easily.

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