Learn to Make Décor Items using Crochet with our Embroidery course from Home

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Have you ever wanted to decorate your home with minimal yet unique items? If yes, then you are in the right place! This blog and an embroidery course will help you to learn making decor items using crochet from your home. Today we will be discussing home décor items like chandeliers, lamps and coasters to make your home look more attractive.

Since crochet stitching is a practical lesson, join our online embroidery course in crochet stitching and learn to make home décor items from home.

Here are 3 decor items you can make by joining embroidery classes near you,

Chandeliers for Living Room

Chandeliers can make your home look modern and classy at the same time. To awestruck your guests, you can make crochet chandeliers and use them in your living room.

Join our online embroidery classes to learn more about making and selling crochet chandeliers from home.

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Lampshades for Study Room

Every study room and bedside table deserves a lamp so you can read late at night or just add beauty to your room. Crochet lampshades look amazing and give a vintage feel to the place you decorate using it.

Enrol in Hunar Online’s embroidery course to create such classic lampshades and other crochet home décor items.

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Coasters for Table

A table is incomplete without coasters as it signifies how modern and up-to-date with the trend you are, these days. There are so many types of coaster shapes you can make – such as fruits, flowers & leaf, trigonometry and many others.

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Now, learn to make them all using crochet along with other items such as bags, holders and more with our online embroidery course from home. Get a professional certificate and mentored by professional experts.

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