Learn to Craft Kalamkari Sarees with These Fabrics in a Garment Creation Course

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Kalamkari is a type of hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile, produced in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This is also widely produced in Iran. In making this type of saree a ‘kalam’ or pen is used for freehand drawing of the subject and filling in the colours, is entirely hand worked.

These sarees are elegant, unique and reflect fine craftsmanship of the indigenous artists. These are easy to wear and comfortable. You should take special care while washing them as handwashing can shrink the fabric. You can learn basic pattern making online and create a stunning piece yourself.

Here are 3 types of fabrics that you can use for Kalamkari prints. You can learn crafting them to perfection through any Garment Creation courses online:

Kalamkari Crepe Saree

Crepe is a thin and lightweight fabric and is a preferred choice of many working women. Kalamkari print looks amazing on this fabric. Skilled handloom experts handprint these sarees to create pieces of art. Hand wash should be avoided to prevent damage of the woven details.

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Kalamkari Silk Saree

Kalamkari silk sarees look elegant and unique. These are a good choice for occasions like weddings. This looks stunning when paired with a gold necklace and jhumkas. Garment making courses are a great way to learn the craft of making these sarees in beautiful designs.

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Kalamkari Cotton Saree

Kalamkari cotton sarees are an ideal option for summers. They come in bright contrasting colours. These are comfortable to wear and are easy to carry. You can learn Indian Garment Creation process online to start making these sarees in unique prints and patterns.  

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