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Dupattas have been a major part of women’s closet since forever. There was a time when this garment was considered as a part of ethnic clothing item. However, today, this versatile piece of cloth is worn along with western outfits too.

Trends have changed, fashion styles have modified but, dupattas have always stayed. This amazing piece of cloth adds a classic twist to a garment. If you are interested in learning about some trendy ways of styling it, Hunar Online’s government-recognised Fashion Styling Courses will teach you the right techniques of doing this.

Here are 3 stylish ways in which you can pair your dupattas with gorgeous outfits. Check them out:

1. Multi-coloured Dupatta With A Plain Outfit

A plain kurta is a common outfit, found in almost every woman’s wardrobe. Now you can style it with a matching pair of leggings and a multi-coloured dupatta. This combination is suitable for casual events. Our Fashion Stylist Short Courses will give you a better idea about this.

2. Net Dupatta With Heavy Party Wear

A plain net dupatta with heavily embellished borders, when paired with your party wear will make it more elegant There are different ways of draping these dupattas with your outfits and you can learn about all of them with our Fashion Styling Course Online.

3. Brocade Dupatta With Simple Dresses

A brocade dupatta, along with a simple dress looks glamorous. Now learn to drape it effortlessly with our Fashion & Personal Styling Courses.

There are many other ways of styling a dupatta. Now you can learn about all of them in your own language, that too from the comfort of your home. Enrol in our creative courses today and get certified by the Government of India through NSDC.

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