Learn 3 Ways to Apply Long-Lasting Lipstick with Our Govt-Recognised Styling Course

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Even women who hardly use make-up or prefer a no make-up look, love lipstick. It beautifully highlights the lips and adds a glow to the face. Long-lasting lipstick is that one cosmetic product that women love.

These days, there are a lot of brands that sell long-lasting lipsticks, however, sometimes even these products fail to stay for long.

With Hunar Online’s latest government-recognised Fashion Styling Course, you can learn some easy tricks to keep that lip colour going!

Here are 3 of the many things you will learn from our courses to make your lipstick stay for long. Check them out:

Apply a Lip Balm

A lot of stylists, at the Best Fashion Styling Online Courses, advice their students to use a lip balm before applying lipstick. This will help your lipstick stay for long and give a fine finish to your lips.


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Double-Coat your Lipstick

One of the most effective ways to make your lipstick stay for long is by coating it twice or thrice. However, a dark shade may not look good when double-coated. The experts at the Best Fashion Styling Courses will teach you the art of choosing shades for your skin tone.

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Apply a Little Baby Powder on Your Lipstick

One of the simplest methods of applying long-lasting lipstick is by coating it with a little baby powder. This will give a matte texture to your glossy lipstick and beautify your lips. If you do not have baby powder, a talc would also work well.

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