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Baking is one of the most therapeutic hobbies and mastering the art of baking requires time and practice. In the modern days, the desserts are decorated in such a way that you don’t want to spoil the look by touching it. A person with a sweet tooth cannot resist any dessert and most people prefer to have a piece after dinner or lunch.

The business of cake making is booming all over the world and people get customised cakes made for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, promotions and much more. With the advancement of technology, the Baking trend has also been updated. People are attracted to cute things and the professional bakers try to make each dessert look cute and innovative. Sometimes it is hard to believe that it is a dessert.

Let’s have a look at the latest trends of baking that are going viral and being loved by people.

1.Cloud Bread

After Dalgona coffee and pancake cereal, cloud bread was the first dessert that became coral on TikTok. As the name suggests, cloud bread is actually a bread that is super soft just like a cloud. Cloud bread is not completely bread. It is a modification of meringue. In case, you are wondering what meringue is? It is a type of dessert that is made from egg whites and sugar. Meringue tastes somewhat like a marshmallow and it is a bit crispy when baked for a long time. Making a cloud bread is very easy and you only need a few ingredients and they can be easily found in your kitchen. To get started make sure that you have collected these ingredients beforehand. You will need, Egg white, sugar, food colouring and cornstarch. Egg whites are used to make the bread soft and fluffy. Make sure that not an ounce of egg yolk is present in your egg white else, the bread won’t become fluffy. Sugar is used to add flavour to the bread and make it even fluffier. Cornstarch helps to bind all the ingredients and food colouring is optional.

How to make cloud bread?

To start baking cloud bread, have all the ingredients at your disposal. Take a bowl and add the egg whites into it. Whip them thoroughly till they are pale and frothy. Now add a little amount of sugar into the mixture and mix them together till you get a smooth foam of the mixture. Now sift a small amount of cornstarch separately and make sure that no lump is there. Now add them to the mixture and mix them well till you get a consistency like shaving cream. Now take parchment paper, and use a spatula to place the mixture in the form of clouds on them. Bake them on low heat till they become golden. This bread is super easy to make and can be made by an amateur baker as well.

cloud bread

Image Source- hello, Yummy

2.Pull- me Up Cakes

Another baking trend going around the internet is the pull-me-up cake. The cake is designed in such a way that even a person who doesn’t enjoy cakes wouldn’t be able to resist eating it and sharing the dish on the internet. This cake includes a basic cake surrounded by a transparent, plastic sheet. Ganache or any other type of chocolate sauce is poured upon it.  The aesthetic part is when the plastic sheet is pulled out and the chocolate sauce oozes out and oh my god! The way it looks is so pleasing and mouth-watering, we’re actually craving some of this right now. What are you waiting for? Go make it and enjoy it. Making this cake is not rocket science. You can try this trend on any cake.

pull me up cake

Image Source- hello, Yummy

3.Melting Chocolate Bomb

Another showstopper is the melting chocolate ball dessert. Whether you are a brownie lover or not, you are bound to enjoy this. This consists of brownies, ice cream and fruits stacked up and surrounded by a huge chocolate dome. Hot ganache or any hot chocolate sauce is then poured on it to melt the chocolate bomb to reveal the delicious dessert. Sounds like all of your favourite things? What are you waiting for, go make this and let us know how you like it.

4.Ice cream cake

Ice cream cake is another viral recipe from the internet. It is being loved by many people and has become the latest trend of the baking world. Ice cream and cake are some of my most favourite desserts. Imagine the combination of both to get a new dessert. It is the best of both worlds. Baking this cake is very easy and you basically need only two ingredients to make this cake. All you need is softened ice cream and a ready-made cake mix.

To start baking this cake, take a bowl and add the melted ice cream into it. Now gradually add the cake mix and make the cake batter. Now take a baking pan and grease it using butter or vegetable oil. Then place a parchment paper over it and pour the batter. Now bake it like you bake a normal cake. Your ice cream cake is ready!

ice cream cake

Image Source- I Heart Naptime

These desserts have been viral due to the internet and can be made easily at home. Each dessert is unique in its own way however, the tools used for baking each one of these are very common and you must have these tools in your kitchen if you want to bake a perfect dessert. Let’s have a look at the essential baking tools one by one:

1.Parchment Papers

Parchment papers are one of the essential tools every person must have who loves baking. These are very helpful as they prevent the cake, breads or cookies from sticking to the pan. Using parchment paper is no rocket science, all you need is to trace the lining of the baking pan on the parchment sheet and cut out the perfect shape. Like most people you can also use a permanent marker to trace the shape of the baking pan or you can simply use a pencil and cut out the shape using a pair of kitchen scissors. After you are done, place the papers on the base of the baking pans and you are ready to go.

2.Measuring Cups

Baking is all about precision and perfection. You can bake a perfectly delicious dessert even if you are a beginner, only when you use the right measurement for your recipe. Therefore, having measuring cups is an essential tool for baking. While baking, it is very important to follow the recipe exactly. This includes adding the right amount of ingredients as specified. Most recipes stick to stating the measurements in cups or tablespoons. This is why measuring cups are a one-time investment that will last you a long time. These usually come in a set with 8 or 10 and have measurements of 1, ¾, ½, ¼ cups, 1, ½ tablespoons & 1, ½ teaspoons. Since most recipes require ingredients to be added in such standard measurements only, it makes sense to invest in this tool. This is a boon for every baker and makes the preparation process easier.

measuring cups for cake

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Another important tool for baking is sieve. It is always recommended to sift the dry ingredients before mixing them to the wet ingredients, so that no lump is formed in the cake batter or bread/cookie dough. It is one of the crucial steps of baking and people generally tend to skip this step as they become lazy and sifting is also a bit messy. Before the traditional bakers used to believe that sifting the dry ingredients before the baking was a myth and created by the sieve industry to boost the sales. Recently, the professional bakers busted this myth and proved that sifting is important as it makes the ingredients light and airy and the resulting cake or bread is soft and fluffy. It also removes the impurities from the dry ingredients. Did you believe sifting was a myth or is it your secret weapon to making light and airy cakes?

4.Hand Mixer and Spatula

It is always advised to mix the ingredients of the cakes using a hand mixer or a spatula. The cutting and folding method of mixing the batter helps the batter become light and airy. Hand mixer is best for mixing the wet ingredients and you can also use an automatic mixer as well. The hand-held mixer allows you to control the movements and mix evenly. The dry ingredients can be mixed using a whisk. Once they are thoroughly mixed, it is time to combine the dry and wet ingredients with the help of a spatula. You need to be very gentle while folding them together so that the final product is fluffy and airy. If you mix it too much, then there may be some heat produced that may coagulate the batter. If you mix it too little, the mixture will have lumps and will not bake evenly. So keep in mind that you fold the ingredients in gently until no more lumps can be seen.

A good baker is a combination of will, skill and a lot of practice. The right baking course will help you unlock your true potential and become a professional baker. The courses offered at Hunar Online are a perfect way to master the art of baking from the comfort of your home. So join our baking classes now and get to baking your favourite dishes!

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