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Know About the Latest Bag Designs with Hunar Online

Bags are an important accessory for every woman. It serves both aesthetic and practical purposes in general. For most of the women, their outfit is incomplete without a bag. It not only completes the look of the whole outfit but also helps them carry all their necessary stuff in style. Every woman has a favourite handbag which she carries everywhere and can’t let it go.

Handbags are an ultimate combination of function and fashion and perfectly blends sophistication and style. The demand for designer bags is increasing day by day and every woman wants to own at least one piece of her favourite brand. There are a variety of bag designs you can choose from. With so many handbags in style, it can be a daunting task to pick up the perfect bag for yourself. From the size, colour to the type of the bag, everyone has different preferences. There are different types of handbags for different occasions like whether you are going to a beach, or a party, or a wedding function, every occasion demands a different style of bag.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the variety of handbags at your disposal and can’t decide which one to choose? Worry no more! Get to know about different types of bag designs with Hunar Online and choose the perfect bag for you. Let’s look at the different varieties of bag designs one by one:

1.Tote Bags

A tote bag is a rectangular shaped bag that can be made of various materials. The most commonly used materials to make tote bags are cloth and leather. Since the shape of the bag is very simple, it is not that complicated to make. There is not a lot of variety in the bag designs of various tote bags. They are just rectangular shaped long bags that one can wear on their shoulder. A tote bag generally doesn’t have more than 2 sections but can accommodate a lot of belongings. Brands that make designer bags are trying to introduce different variations in tote bags but a simple design is what always works. Just like sling bags, tote bags too can be paired up with any outfit and add more style value to your look. Tote bags made with leather are the best choice if you are someone who likes to carry the same bag on all outfits.

tote bag

Image Source- Mauverien

2.Bucket Bags

Just like the name implies, a bucket bag is shaped like a bucket and you can carry it to the evening parties easily. This bag design has enough space for all your belongings. This bag shape is known for having a solid structured bottom and a slouch body with a drawstring closure. The unique design of a bucket bag allows an ample space for larger items like a pair of shoes or a lunchbox. This bag design is perfect for you if you are an on-the-go kind of girl.

3.Sling Bags

Sling bags are the most popular types of bags among young women. These came into popularity a few years back and since then have been everyone’s favourite. The good part about a sling bag is that it is compact, stylish and can fit all the essentials that women may require on the go. Sling bags can be paired with absolutely any type of dress or outfit. The bag designs in the sling bag category are becoming very different and unique. Many designer brands are now also shifting to making creative sling bags. Sling bags come in different shapes and sizes, the latest one being a circle shaped sling bag. Sling bags are worn across the shoulder which makes them very easy to carry. Sling bags need to be of the right length for them to be comfortable. But any and every sling bag can add a lot of style to your outfit. So, if you don’t have a sling bag yet, it’s time you get one.

sling bag

Image Source- Hamelin

4.Backpack Purse

When you think of a backpack, school is the first thing that comes to your mind. With the changing fashion trend, this academic necessity has transformed into a fashion accessory. This bag is perfect for all the girls who are active go-getters. The hand-free design of this bag makes it extremely convenient and comfortable to carry all the necessary stuff. It is great for a trip to an amusement park or museum. You can also carry water bottles and make-up products in this bag.

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5.Hobo Bag

Hobo bags are extremely artistic and have room to fit a lot of stuff. The bag designs of hobo bags are generally made to look very artsy and rustic. These bags are slowly becoming more popular because of their unique shape and size. Hobo bags slump down in an asymmetrical shape when you put your stuff inside of them. Despite their unique bag design, hobo bags are what can make you look ‘cool’. They can be paired with any outfit but go best with casual wear. Hobo bags are not designer bags since they are made of cloth and are not very expensive to stitch. The best type of hobo bags are found on the streets.

hobo bag

Image Source- Pasteur Institute of India

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