Kantha Embroidery is a trademark of Bengal. Kantha embroidery started from Bihar and Bengal. Where people used to give a new shape by adding old sari, dhoti or torn rags. It was used to make clothes, blankets or beds for babies. It is believed that it was first used during the time of Gautam Buddha. They used to make cloth sheets by adding pieces of clothes thrown by the people.

It started from West Bengal in India, which spread to Bangladesh after partition. But from the point of view of art, this embroidery becomes the identity of India in the whole world.

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Bayton’s central motif is the lotus, usually with one hundred petals. Its oldest style of traditional folk design symbolises the unity of all expressions of life. Other common motifs include water bowls, conch shells, Kalka, trees, leaves, flowers, birds, elephants, chariots and people. God Ganesh and Goddess Saraswati and horses are also sometimes seen.


Arshilata is used as a wrapper or covering for mirrors, combs and other toiletries. It has a wide border, and the motifs in the centre are lotuses, trees, vines, spirals, inverted triangles, zigzag lines, and scrolls are some of the commonly used motifs as well.


The Lep Kantha is a simple geometric pattern run-stitched with colored thread. Relatively thick quilted wrap padding, layered with numerous saree layers to provide warmth during the winter months. The entire stitching is wavy with simple embroidery.

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The Durjani/Talia Kantha is a small rectangle with a lotus pattern in the centre and embroidered edges. Make a wallet by folding the 3 corners of the rectangle inwards.


The most popular and prominent kantha is Sujani kantha. The lotus motif with a swirl in the centre is a common motif in Sujani. Other motifs observed include the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and prancing movements of animals, bees sucking nectar, and processions in motion. The edging sewn on the edges of the rectangular pieces has a geometric design in one colour and another of his colours is more decorative and colourful.


Oaar kantha is a rectangular cushion cover with a simple design and decorative borders all over. Usually a simple design such as a tree, leaf, vine, bird or a vertical border liner design forms the basic base, to which all sides of which decorative borders are sewn.


Kantha Rumal is nothing more than a handkerchief and is the smallest of all kantha. Plant and animal motifs may also be embroidered, but always with a well-decorated border.

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Following are some popular motifs of a kantha embroidery:

  • LOTUS MOTIFS- Lotus design is the main motif, woven in it. Usually, kantha embroidery is known for its lotus motif.

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