Jewellery Making Ideas: 3 Types of Textured Jewellery

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Textured Jewellery is the accessory which instantly glams up your attire. Using various textures on jewellery, gives a distinct look. You can get this type of jewellery by engraving different patterns and motifs.

Here are a few ideas on how you can add texture to your jewellery.

Leather Texture

The leather texture is one of the most trending textures seen on jewellery these days. Apart from gold, you can use leather texture on copper, silver, aluminum and other metals. Bracelets, finger rings, and chokers are a few examples where leather texture is applied.

As a student of Jewellery Design course, making this kind of textured jewellery can enhance your learning experience.

Denim Texture

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Denim texture gives a bold and rich look. As a result, this texture has gained popularity for different kinds of jewellery. It gives a crisscross pattern which adds an extra element of interest to the ornament. Fine and artistry skills and the precision of experienced craftsmen are required to create this texture on the jewellery.

Lace Texture

Lace texture pattern can make a stunning piece of jewellery. Tools like a chisel, steel graver, engraving machine and engraving block are needed to make this texture. This method is popular to make necklaces, bangles and earrings.

These are just a few examples of textured jewellery. There are some other varieties like rutile texture, glossy basalt texture and creased fabric texture.

In a jewellery design institute, the students are often taken on site visits where they get a chance to interact with the craftsmen. A close view of how the jewellery is filed, textured, and moduled gives them an exposure of the jewellery making process.

And with the right jewellery design education, you too can add stunning textures to your dull jewellery.

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