Jewellery Design Ideas for Different Occasions


Allow me to make your wardrobe and your idea on jewellery design a little more shiny, a little more fun!

Jewellery is one of those elements that are capable of elevating or tanking the outfit. Whoever said you can never go wrong with jewellery has never clearly worn much. There is so much that can go wrong with the sparkly things but you know what, jewellery design is also one of the best ways to show your creativity and express your personality. Indian jewellery design is one of the most upcoming trends now-a-days.

You should be having the best time styling jewellery because it is the one sparkling item in your whole entire outfit that is capable of making a statement. Trust me, a statement piece of jewellery is going to be the showstopper. Now, how about we dive right into the ideas of jewellery designs that will make dressing up for you. 

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First rule of picking jewellery is to shuck the rules. You can never be creative and showcase your personality by strictly following the rules. Rules are there to be broken so if you are feeling like you’re breaking a rule while creating a beautiful look, go right ahead!

Jewellery Designing Courses

Now, what do you think about the latest gold Jewellery designs

 Gold is versatile and it is one of those elements that stands out and with the modern designs that are coming up and I can tell you that you can wear the trendiest piece of jewellery made of gold and feel beautiful. 

One of the fan favorites is adding a unique color of stone to the piece so it is modern and chic. The minimalist ideas for gold jewellery designs is another favorite for modern women. It is a go to for work and going out in the evenings. 

Indians have had a long standing love for gold and the modern women are only embracing it with little upgrades for themselves. One of them is tweaking the old pieces to accommodate the modern needs, keeping the weight low and enhancing the bling. 

Diamonds have been the best friends with gold and the latest gold jewellery designs show the same. They are best paired with sleek designs to make them look like the modern beauty that they are. So go find that piece of sleek diamond jewellery and get your shine on. 

 Truly, with diamonds, the sky’s the limit and all you have to do is just focus on the right cut. So when you are confused, just pick a diamond and let it do the rest of the work. You will not regret it. 


Now this is a very wide spectrum of choices you have. There are so many ideas you can play around with when it comes to creating looks using Indian Jewellery. One thing you can know about Indian Jewellery designs is that it is blingy, it is heavy and it is the star of the look. 

Keeping that in mind, you could make your occasions light up with just a piece of heavy gold earrings on a plain dress, or just match your festive saree with the gold necklace to keep your look regal and classy. 

The fact that there are so many bright coloured stones embedded in the gold makes it even more interesting to wear. The stones definitely go with almost every single festive colour, just make sure your dress is not colliding with the jewellery. 

Indian jewellery has an aura of traditional and royal. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot wear an Indian necklace over a modern silhouette or a modern design. As traditional and royal as Indian jewellery looks, surprisingly, it is also versatile. 

 If you are looking for a royal chic look that will work for the next wedding and a cocktail party to go with your look, Indian jewellery is the answer. You will definitely be surprised and be addicted. 

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Indian Jewellery

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There is no denying that Indian weddings are the grandest of affairs and they are no less than a festival. Every day, in an Indian wedding, is of massive significance which is more like a festival and the brides have the time of their life, the center of attention, the reason for the celebration, the couple is truly celebrated. 

With a massive celebration, comes the intense need for dressing up the bride and the groom, and no look is truly complete without jewellery. As you read earlier, Indian Jewellery is royal and regal and that is exactly how a bride or a groom should look like. 

There are so many elements that make the bride or the groom complete the look. From a Maang Tika for the bride that brings her look together or a statement Emerald Mala for the groom, you have to find the one piece which puts together the looks of the couple. 

Emerald jewellery is extremely common for wedding jewellery, especially for men as it is subtle and yet gives off the whole Maharaja look. It is also used as green symbolises prosperity and peace showcasing the same through the jewellery. 

However, you could play around with colors and find out which of the abundant pieces of jewellery that goes together for the couple. 

 If you are looking for a wedding guest jewellery idea, bring out your vintage. Trust me, vintage jewellery works almost everywhere and with just some tweaks here and there, it can be recycled into different pieces that you’ll breeze through the wedding without hassle. 

With the ideas in mind, let’s talk about some jewellery must-haves to make it easy on you.

Bridal Jewellery

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I think we talk very less about brooches. They are one of those pieces that will pull your look from simple to straight out of a palace. They are hassle free, recyclable and honestly, quite the idea of showing class rather than dealing with a hundred pieces of jewellery that will only make you hate picking them by the end of the night. 

While earrings, or necklaces are a great idea to amp up your look, brooches are the most hassle free option. Invest in a versatile brooch and just have your way with it. It is truly a great investment if you like a classy simple look. 

It is an amazing option to style men’s attire as well. It can truly emphasise the effort put in while keeping it simple for them. Brooches are a great investment for both men and women, and go with almost every single occasion where you would want to look your best. I suggest pearl brooches if you want to use them quite often.


Like I said before, they emphasise the theme of any occasion with minimal effort. Truly, find yourself some emeralds and you’ll be set. Emeralds are a great friend with pearls and if you are looking for a wardrobe staple to keep your jewellery design in style, invest in some good quality, different cut emeralds.

They will probably enhance the bright colors and the kind of look which will be appropriate for your outings. Pair them with mellow colors and a few other stones, you will have a stunning piece of jewellery that you can show off. 


They are not just a piece of jewellery that you can use for some fun times at work or a meeting with friends, they are one of the oldest pieces of jewellery used from ages ago. You cannot go wrong by investing in some pretty pearls because again, they are supposed to be a girl’s best friend. 

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Pearl jewellery



Who said you had to be engaged to have a diamond? Well, I suggest getting yourself a couple of finger rings that will decide your look. You can go rocker chic, or truly go straight-out-of-palace. Finger rings do show off a personality you like.

 You know it is funny when people think that a finger ring is practically non-existent in an attire unless it covers 4 fingers. A simple solitaire could elevate a simple dress into an appropriate outfit that is worth getting inspired from. 

Finger rings are one of the most looked at jewellery pieces to add the final touch for any look. If you are looking for a jewellery piece to keep your looks interesting, I suggest investing in both, the simple designs and the heavy jewellery embedded with a few stones. 

 There is no limit to cut, colour or the kind of metal, or stone, or a pearl you could add to a finger ring and that is exactly why finger rings are unique and so loved. They truly are limitless when it comes to imagination and creating looks highlighting them.


Now there is no hiding that a beautiful necklace can be your go to piece of jewellery for completing a look, and I believe it is true. But now, more than ever, people are leaning towards making earrings go-to with pieces of jewellery, and I can attest to their choice. 

A heavy gold earring can just make any look so put together and that is where Indian jewellery designs are making a comeback. They are big and they are elegant when paired with the right clothes. I think the go to look featuring earrings is a sleek bun, a plain dress or a saree and heavy earrings featuring enough stones to light up the room is the best.

 It is also refreshing to see the inherited pieces come back into fashion. They are filled with beauty and nostalgia. In fact, I believe, any piece of jewellery that is handed down from generation to generation does come with a certain sentiment which makes it special. 

Indian antique gold jewellery

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So these were the ideas to enhance, and brighten up your jewellery game. So ladies, it is time you bring out your treasure, clean them up and use every single piece, because no matter what, every single piece of jewellery goes with some look you have in mind. 

If you’ve got the traditional ones, you could very gladly make use of their grand design and make a statement at an occasion earning a thumbs up. If you are more into sleek designs of the modern set of jewellery, make use of the simple stones and pearls and metals and shine through. 

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