Home Interior Design Using Plants to Make Your House Look Elegant!

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Interior designing, as they say, is the art and craft of decorating the inside structure of your home. Interior design ideas are thought not only to make the living experience better but also to create visually appealing spaces. The changes you make inside your house to make it look good shows how much you care about the place you are living in and how cosy you want your guests to feel at your place.

It does not matter how bad your apartment building may look from outside. The interior is what matters to everyone and how well you can renovate it. This is why many people use plants to interior design their homes.

floor plants

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Plant décor is an art which helps a lot in brightening up rooms with minimum investment. You don’t need fancy graffiti or wall posters if you have various kinds of houseplants. You can use these small plants and still make your home look amazing and aesthetically appealing.

Types of Plants to Use While Doing Home Interior Design

Plant décor not only increases the view of your house but keeps it fresh. It purifies the air inside and keeps you healthy too. So, you are not just getting aesthetic advantages of plants but also many health benefits. There are many scientific theories which also suggest that plants are a great way to decorate a house for health-related benefits as it reduces toxins from the air.

Various types of plants you can use to decorate your house are:

Floor Plants

These kinds of plants bring a lot of advantages of decorating with them. The colour of your room which doesn’t even matter when you use floor plants for decoration. These plants can be as small as you can keep on a table and as long as to decorate the sides of your furniture. All you need is an empty corner on the floor to fill it with a floor plant.

When using a floor plant, there are certain things to keep in mind. Things like keeping the floor plant in proper lighting as they breathe too. The size and scale of your floor plant should match the space in your room. A small room with a big floor plant does not look good and a big room with a small floor plant will still leave empty space. So, next time you want to decorate your room with a floor plant, make sure that the size and scale of your room are in sync with the plant.


While decorating your living room, you may think of using various plants with different colours. If that’s the case then you can use some beautiful Orchids. Remember, there is not just one colour- Green, when you think of plant decoration. An orchid is the kind of plant which most wedding brides want at their wedding. So, imagine how elegant orchids would look in your living room.

Just like green plants, blooming plants also have all those healthy benefits along with looking aesthetically more beautiful than green plants. Orchids are the first choice of every interior designer when they think of using colourful plants for decoration. This is because of the silhouettes of orchids along with their engaging and bright colour. The best part is that the placement of orchids does not matter in a room. They draw attention towards them even if they are placed in the corner of a room.

orchids at home

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Cut Blooms

These plants are used when you like to change your setting every once in a while. It takes less time to arrange and does not require much attention either. Along with various plants, you can use cut blooms and change them every few days. This will give a whole new look with minimum effort every time.

cut blooms decor at home

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Cacti & Succulents

Not all of us can grow plants at home as they need proper sunlight and weather. If that’s the case with you then you can use succulents and cacti plants to decorate your home. This is because succulents and cacti types of plants need almost no attention.

These plants are much easier to care for and also look unique since not many people use them for decoration. These plants are suitable for all kinds of weather conditions and can keep growing since they are desert plants. However, you have to spend little water on these plants and no other maintenance. The linear shapes possessed by a cactus makes it more approachable and adds unique beauty to your room.

cactus in bedroom

Image Source- New Straits Times

Wall-Hanging Garden

You can place plants to decorate your house in a lot of creative ways. Among all those ways, the best aesthetic placement of your plants is on a wall. You can place different kinds of pots including herbs and place them on a wall in various designs or randomly. One of those plants can be a lavender as it is a plant that reduces stress. You can even create an herb garden for your kitchen. You can use what you have grown on an everyday basis. It could be your personal mini garden.

wall-hanging garden in living room


Image Source- Country Living Magazine

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