Indian Garments – Types of Blouses

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If there’s any attire that is typically Indian and graceful like heaven, it’s the combination of a saree and blouse. There are several styles in which a blouse can be cut and designed. It’s no wonder that in the fashion world, the blouse has a unique space that no other garment can claim.

In the art of garment creation, no other garment gives an immense scope of decoration and design like the blouse. With the combination of regional styles along with individual styles, the blouse only keeps getting better in design innovation.

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If you are interested in understanding the current trends of blouse designing, a online garment construction course will help you develop the art of crafting a blouse. You not only get to learn the art of creating unique designs, but also develop a good taste and great style. Right from the cut, to the embellishment, blouses are made in a way that they become a perfect match for the saree or the skirt.

Do you think that you can learn to make blouse designs only with regular courses in conventional classrooms? If your answer is yes, then you are mistaken. The good news is that Hamstech Online has introduced its Garment Creation course that makes you skilled at creating garment patterns online. Learn the art anywhere, anytime and fulfill your dream to become a fashion designer.

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Now that we have talked much about designing blouses, let us check out the types of blouses you could learn to design.

Boat-neck Blouse

If you want to save yourself any chance of showing off the cleavage, opt for the boatneck blouse. This is suitable for women with broad shoulders.

Collar-neck Blouse

The collar-neck blouse looks regal and grand with the right saree. Women with short necks get an advantage in this blouse. Broad shoulders and well-toned collar necks make it the perfect blouse.

Peter Pan Collar Blouse

Peter Pan collars are round and they can often be an interesting addition to a blouse. Since it accentuates the neckline, it is a good choice for women with  long-neck.

Knotted Blouse

A glam appeal can even be attributed to this graceful style of a blouse, which is held by knots at the back. This is the blouse to flaunt your figure.

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Many more designs can be witnessed and designed along with new patterns, embellishments and accessories that enhance their looks. All it takes is your imagination and skill! You can now enhance your skill and make amazing blouses with garment creation courses online. Take the course from anywhere and at any time and get skilled at your own pace.

You are just a click away from achieving your Fashion Designing Dreams.

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