Important Tools To Use For Fashion Designers

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If you too have a soft corner for stitching or if you are a pro in catching up with the new trends, then there’s no better option for you than being a fashion designer. You can experience creativity at your best. Experimenting with clothes, accessories and tools for fashion designers would never be so fun. You can have a comprehensive knowledge of tints, shades, colours and the coordination between the multitudes of colours.

Any fashion or trend can find its inspiration from street level creativity. Starting from the attires for casuals and formals to the party and themed outfits you can do it all if you master the designing techniques. But for mastering fashion designing picking the right tool is an impeccable step.

There are a lot of tools that you need to accumulate for sewing, pattern making, and craft projects. Design tools can help you to minimize mistakes, capture every idea to create a new design and to cut down on creation time developing your new design perfectly. There are these few tools that you need to include in your toolkit if you are a newbie in fashion designing:

  • The first requisite is a good pair of scissors. Nothing beats having a comfortable pair of scissors to cut fabric. Use lightweight scissors while cutting lining, silks and fusible interfacing. If your scissors have good blades, then you don’t need to think about the rest of cutting the fabric.
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  • Tape measure and dressmakers set square are the musts. If you are into fashion designing, then a tape measure should always be around your neck. You need a tape measure to measure the body, mannequin, and the design line. You also need a set square and a grading ruler to draw dart, shoulder lines, and all the patterns precisely.
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  • Block patterns are another fancy requisite that you need to have if you want your designs to fit precisely to any body type. Always have a set of block patterns with you that are made according to the client’s specifications. This will enable you to crank out flat patterns effectively without any mistake.
  • Pearl head pins are necessary because other pins are just too hard to work with. The advantage that these pearl head pins offer is that they are easy to pick up an easy to put on all kinds of fabric. Sometimes the other pins seem to be way too oversized, but pearl head pins are something that always happens to be of the perfect size.
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  • Mechanical pencils will be your lifesaver. These are one of another indispensable tool that you need to have in your toolkit. No matter what the circumstances are. Use a 2h or 4h 0.5mm lead pencil while drafting or creating patterns. While exhibiting someone some design, use an HB or coloured pencil.

The other necessary tools for fashion designers are sewing machines, cotton stay tapes, pattern papers etc. Work with the tools and become a pro in fashion designing!

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