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Importance of CAD in Fashion Designing

The idea of a fashion designer sitting in a room with a sketchpad, pencils, some fabric with a sewing machine and a model – is a romanticized image from the past. The fashion designers of this generation prefer using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) in their designing process.

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For those who are aspiring to step into the fashion designing industry, the first step is to understand the prominence and utility of CAD software in today’s fashion industry.

Below are some of the factors explaining the importance of CAD in fashion designing:


There are many advantages to using Computer Aided Design. Starting from creating blueprints of a building to designing a machine, or to create the layouts for a fashion piece, CAD is used everywhere. It has been recently adopted by the fashion design industry and its popularity is growing rapidly.


  • One of the major benefits of using CAD in fashion design is when designing the clothes, the designer can see the design on a virtual model and keep changing the colour and fabrics as per the desired look.


Importance of CAD

For fashion designers, creating the designs digitally saves a lot of time that goes into traditional designing methods. For those designers who might have some ideas about a particular design but can’t draw it very well, nothing can be better than transferring the work to CAD. The computer-generated sketches are not only easy to interpret but also more reliable. Lastly, it can reduce mistakes while constructing a garment.

However, there are several drawbacks of using CAD. They are:

One major trouble designers have with CAD is that they find it difficult to make the change from paper to digital. The designers who are forced to use CAD may feel their creativity is being restrained. Nonetheless, CAD can be complicated for the starters and hence you may take time to master it.


cad in fashion design

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For the starters who are using CAD for fashion design, there are built-in tutorials to aid the transition into CAD designing. The designers can create pieces using the measurements for the desired model. Apart from these, there are a lot of other features in CAD that makes the work of a designer way easier.

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