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Hunar Online Fashion Design Courses has made the idea of learning fashion a common affair in a big way. It seeks to fulfill the desire and ambitions of many talented people so as to make them creative. Have you explored it yet?

These days, Hunar Online’s center at Vizag has been buzzing with activity. With promotional events like the workshop hosted by Neeta Lulla and a lot more in terms of course delivery, the Vizag center has indeed attracted a large number of crowd. People have overcome their shortcomings because of which they are taking a step ahead to learn skills.

Online fashion design courses are making a wave in other cities too, which includes Lucknow, Indore, Ahmedabad and Pune. The regional crowd has adopted progressive views about creative education in modern times. More of the housewives and other women folk have come forward to realise their passion and make it a reality. More and more women have found the time to learn fashion designing course online.

fashion designer course online

The Workshop

The workshop themed “Drapes” by Neeta Lulla in Vizag has been greatly inspiring and motivating. She asserted the need for using new age technologies to gain knowledge that leads to skill development. Her call was majorly for the womenfolk who are the most enthusiastic to learn creative subjects but stay behind due to many reasons.

The students who have already completed their fashion design online courses had a chance to speak about their Hunar Online experiences. What worked best for them was that Hunar Online gave them the opportunity to develop a skill besides handling their responsibilities. They were thankful for the opportunity and hostility from people around them that made them skilled and independent.

fashion designer course online

Neeta Lulla, the acclaimed fashion designer and mentor for fashion design at Hunar Online, shared her experiences of her struggle in the training years and in the recent projects. She urged the audience to join the creative online courses to be self-sufficient in designing and to be able to create fashionable garments.

Such programmes are coming up in other areas too. The total admissions have been registered in hundreds. The promising prospects of this amazing online learning programme for fashion studies are helping the entity consistently soar higher.

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