How You Can Be a Part of This Digital Fashion Show- FILMY FASHION?

Hunar Online Fashion show

Ladies, now tighten your seatbelts because Hunar Online Courses is bringing its first-ever digital fashion show- FILMY FASHION only for you. If you are one of those women who loves fashion but due to other circumstances can’t pursue it, here is a chance for you. This online fashion show will give you one of India’s biggest platforms to showcase your talent. It brings you an opportunity to showcase your creative skills on a national level and compete with women from all over the country. It is a massive opportunity for aspiring fashion designers and should not be missed out. It will give you a unique experience and you’ll learn many things from it.


As it is a nation-wide platform, it is going to be a glamorous event. You will get a chance to display your designs in front of thousands of viewers, prominent judges and celebrity mentor and Bollywood’s award-winning famous fashion designer, Neeta Lulla, who is known for designing outfits for epic Bollywood movies like Jodhaa Akbar, Devdas, Bajirao Mastani, Mohenjo Daro, Manikarnika and many such other movies. So, if you love fashion designing don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity.


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Image Source- Women Oracle


If you are not a designer then you can watch this live digital fashion show from the comfort of your home and vote for your favourite designers. Your vote will decide who will participate and who will win the fashion show. 

How to Be a Part of This Digital Fashion Show?

If you are a woman who has amazing creativity skills and loves fashion designing then this fashion show is just for you. Participating in this Online Fashion Show is not rocket science. You can be a part of it by keeping these few points in your mind.

Empowering Women Through a Unique Live Digital Fashion Show.


1.Submit a Styled Look-

This is the first step. You have to create a styled look with the help of fashion designing or jewellery designing. You can also create a unique look with the help of an illustration of either fashion design or jewellery design. There are various options available for you in fashion designing like Garment Making, where you can make Indian and Western Garments. Then there is Embroidery, with the help of which you can make unique embroidery patterns on clothes and also decorate many home décor items. With the help of Fabric Designing, you can create unique patterns and designs on fabrics by painting, printing or tie and dye technique. Then there is Styling, with the help of which you can style clothes and create different types of hairstyles and also do makeup suitable for different occasions. There is another option for you known as Boutique Management, with the help of which you can start your own boutique and learn to run and manage it. If you are interested in Jewellery Designing, then you have many options here too. You can make jewellery with the help of Beads & Wire and Thread & Clay or design unique jewellery using traditional gold and rose gold & diamond jewellery techniques. If you don’t want to create outfits or design jewellery then you can make an illustration of them and submit it to us to take part in this fashion show. 

2.Iconic Bollywood Designs-

As this fashion show is going to be a glamorous event on a national level, your designs must also be glamorous. And to get a glamorous design, what can be better than Bollywood? Your designs, be it an outfit or jewellery, must be inspired by iconic Bollywood movies. If you submit the designs based on your ideas then you would not be accepted to take part in this fashion show. 


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3.Original Designs Only-

The originality of your designs will decide whether you will take part in our digital fashion show or not. The idea of your design must be totally authentic and real, coming straight out of your mind. If your designs are found to be picked from any online resources then you will be immediately rejected from the fashion show. So, if you really want to participate in this fashion show make sure that your designs are original and not taken from anywhere else.

4.Only Students Can Participate-

Only the Students of Hunar Online Courses can participate in our fashion show. So, if you want to take part in this online fashion show then enrol in our courses, submit the designs created by you in fashion and jewellery or simply submit their illustrations, which you want to showcase in the fashion show. Submissions are accepted between 10th January and 25th January, so make sure to submit your designs in the given time period. Late submissions will not be entertained and you won’t be able to take part in this fashion show. 


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Image Source- Function Mania


5.Non-students Will Also Be Awarded-

If you are not a student of Hunar Online Courses but loves fashion designing and want to take part in this fashion show, then you can submit your designs too. Your design must be original and must be created in fashion or jewellery or illustration of any one of them and it should be inspired by an iconic Bollywood movie. The most voted design of non-student will be awarded in the fashion show. 

6.Most Voted Designers Will Participate in the FILMY FASHION-

Doesn’t this sound exciting? To be a participant of the Filmy Fashion along with other designers from all over the country can be a dream come true for every budding fashion designer. You will be among the top designers on a national level and on one of India’s biggest platforms. Your designs will get reviewed by Bollywood’s top fashion designer, Neeta Lulla.  


bridal fashion show

Image Source- Urban Asian


So, ladies, what are you waiting for? You have got talent and you have the biggest opportunity waiting ahead just for you. Don’t give it a second thought. Enrol in your favourite course, submit your designs and get started with your journey of becoming a fashion designer and start fulfilling your dreams.

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