How To Back Stitch in Embroidery

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If you are doing an embroidery course, backstitch is one of the stitches that you should learn at the initial stage. A backstitch produces a thin line of stitching which is perfect for outlining in almost every embroidery pattern. It is the same stitch used to outline shapes that will be filled with satin stitch or to stitch fabric pieces together.

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As the name goes, back stitch leads to each stitch going backward from the direction of the formed line. Follow the steps below to create the back stitch in embroidery.

  1. Bring the needle up through the back of the fabric. This is where the stitching begins. This is called the first stitch.
  2. Now, take a single stitch backward to the point where the stitching begins.
  3. Next, bring the needle up again to a short distance from the first stitch. This stitch should be on the same line. This is where the second stitch begins.
  4. Keep stitching in the same manner. Give small spaces between the stitches at regular intervals. Keep doing this until the endpoint.

The method explained above is called the stabbing method. There is one more method to work with back stitch in embroidery, called sewing method. For this, keep your needle on the top of the fabric as you work.

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  1. In order to work in the sewing method for back stitch, you have to come up through the fabric.
  2. Next, insert the needle at the point where stitching begins and continue stitching.
  3. Now bring the tip of the needle at a short distance from the beginning of the stitch. This is the beginning of the second stitch.
  4. Continue doing this until you finish the entire stitching process.

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Training experts from embroidery online courses say that many people consider sewing method as the easiest way for back stitch in embroidery. Having trained under expert guidance can help you make creative embroidery designs.

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