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How is Vintage Fashion Different From Retro Fashion

Vintage fashion and Retro fashion are two terms that are often mixed and confused by both buyers and sellers in the Fashion Styling industry. Simply put, vintage fashion is a trend that is approximately 20 to 100 years old. And, retro fashion is a trend that is inspired by vintage fashion but not as old as vintage trends.

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Through this article, you are going to learn the differences between both these Styling trends.

Vintage Fashion

Vintage fashion clothing is something that is used to describe the clothes which were made in the 1920s or later. The thing about vintage fashion is that it refers to the age of fashion, rather than the style of it.

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Now, in 2019, anything that is made between 1920 and the present is technically vintage. But it doesn’t mean that everything has a ‘vintage’ appeal. If you take fur coats, for example, which was more popular during the 1960s, are now considered as vintage fashion. At the same time, the regular blouse from 1955 does not have the same appeal as a fur coat.

Retro Fashion

Retro clothes, unlike vintage clothing, do not refer to a specific time period during which they used to be a trend. But, the word ‘retro’ relates to the style in which the items are made. The garments made in recent days inspired by the fashion of the past is considered to be a part of the retro fashion.

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It is common that many stores try to bring back older trends popular in previous decades. For example, the trends from the 1980s or 1990s are called retro.

What you must notice here is that, like the word ‘vintage’, ‘retro’ doesn’t apply only to clothing. The other trends in music, household goods, and toys can also be termed as retro.

As a fashion stylist, it is necessary to study both retro and vintage trends in clothing in order to understand the taste and requirements of the clients. Now that you know how different these two fashion trends are if you wish to know more, learn fashion styling with Hamstech Online Courses.

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