Home is not about a place where we stay, but also, it is filled with emotions and feelings. A great and neat home with scented aroma gives you a stress free environment and makes you feel comfortable. This festive season décor your home in a new style. We are sharing some ideas for your home decorations that you can easily create by watching video lessons on the Hunar App!


Style your living or guest room with modern techniques of interior designing. Modern interior stylings refers to décor ideas, where you can design your wall, ceilings, furniture, home accessories and many more things with various styles. Let’s see some of the basic interior styles that can enhance you interior beauty-

  • Traditional- Inspired by the 19th or 18th century, this traditional style of home décor comes with silk and velvet window curtains, floral stripes on walls or cushions. Long wall with traditional ceilings. Uses of classic paint colours, high contrast art gallery and many more filled with Traditional Home Décor style.
  • Modern or New Era Style Modern means monochromatic. The modern style is based on the design movement born in the early 20th century. Modern style furniture and decor celebrates natural materials, neutrals or earth colours and eliminates unnecessary details. Instead of using colour combinations as in traditional style, here monochrome colours are used.
  • Nautical- Whenever you hear the word ‘nautical’, ships, boats, oceans, etc. come to mind. Exactly this style exists with the same reference. Pastel blue walls and light wooden furniture keep the room bright and airy. Decorating with stripes is an important element of maritime design. Show off texture in bulk as an accent wall or add a more subtle accent with a small piece of furniture.


Anyone who has ever decorated a home or office has been involved in the field of interior design. It’s a common theme for many home and garden TV shows. It’s a popular hobby for many people because you don’t need a degree to be proud of your home décor. Jewellery is often used to describe something like jewellery worn on the body to make you look beautiful. Jewellery is mainly used in writing. Home accessories are an important part of the house to complement the home interior. These are things that allow you to express your choices, preferences, and even personality. They allow you to bring your personality into your home through them.


Candles embracing evening beauty and calmness. Scented candles make you feel great and stress free. Many of astrologers’ advices to use aromatic candles for a stress and depression free mind. You can wrap strips of tissue paper around the candle and tie them in place, or glue individual pieces together to create different patterns. Plan how your candle will look, then tie the paper with tape to begin the decorating process.


Positivity comes with plants. Planting a small tree on your courtyard or veranda will increase your home entrance look. Plants are really magical and full of goodness. They make you live fresh and positively. Some of the plants, details below, will help to enhance your fitness and your home décor also. They are-

  • Aloe Vera
  • Rosemary
  • Orchid
  • Lavender
  • Peace Lily
  • Rose with several colours
  • Sun flower
  • Tulsi
  • Bamboo


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