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Decorating various rooms in your house is one way to create a friendly and loveable atmosphere. The best way to make your house more loveable for everyone is by adding plants to your home interiors. Not only that but houseplants have also become a very popular part of home interior design ideas lately. You can ask any interior designer about how to fill corners around the room. The first suggestion they will give is to add mini plants & holders.

According to your home interior needs, there are many types of indoor plants which you can use for your room’s interior design. The best part is that, small plants don’t even need too much space. You can just put them in the corner of your room, and they will purify the whole room with their scent and freshness.

You can get as creative as you want with small plants and you can put them anywhere around the room. For example, you can use them to add greenery to your nightstand or desk. You can also place such plants in unique places like the window of your bathroom, hang them in a planter or create a wall garden if you have enough space.

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When did Interior Design Start Using Plants?

It all started even before the 15th century when ancient Egyptians started growing fruiting and ornamental plants around their rooms and hallways in decorative containers. These Potted plants were the part of many exhibitions in China. Palaces in many parts of the west would grow their vegetables such as cabbage, onion, garlic, radishes and many others in the kitchen garden if they had enough backyard space.

During the 18th century, botanists and researchers started cultivating plants to create what we know today as the art of Bonsai. It is a Japanese term which means, “planted in a container” when translated literally. The final goal of growing a Bonsai is the creation of a realistic representation of a tree but miniature in size.

Today, the are many such plants like peace lilies, begonias, ZZ plants, crotons, prayer plants, air plants, hypoestes, pileas and many others used for home interior design. Apart from the above, they used for interior design ideas also. For example, senecios, hoyas, euphorbias, sedums, schlumbergeras, etc.

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Why Consider Plants in Home Interior Design Ideas?

Plant décors are the most important of home interior design ideas. They have huge psychological effects. Houseplants “can reduce physiological and psychological stress compared with mental work” through active interaction, according to a study in 2015. The psychological benefits of indoor plants are stress-reduction and increase in pain tolerance among others.

There are many such theories and experiments that prove that people are happier and calmer around houseplants. Not only do they look ecstatic, they also inspire positive thoughts. For that, today’s applicants learn the importance of small plants and gardens when they are taught interior design.

Interior Design Plants You Can Use in Your Home

Various types of plants as we mentioned above which can be used at home for purifying air and filling up empty spaces. You can categorized them broadly in 3 types:

1.Air Plants

The most interesting part about air plants is that they don’t need soil to grow or water to survive. The only thing they need is plenty of air circulation. So, if you are decorating your home with air plants then make sure that you use a container which has a big opening for air circulation. Second name for Air plants are Tillandsia. It means native to forests and mountains.

They are usually found in deserts of northern Mexico, south-eastern United States, Mesoamerica and the Caribbean to mid-Argentina. There are over 650 species of Tillandsia which can be classified under xerographica, ionantha, bulbosa and caput medusae.


Succulent plants are fleshy, engorged and thick in nature. It helps them to store water in bad soil conditions and humid climates. Aloe vera is the best example to understand succulents as we use them for various purposes. For example, they can use for minor sunburn injuries.

Succulents are very easy to find and they also look gorgeous around the house as they do not take much space. There are many kinds of succulents but the most-used and famous among them are jade plant, cacti, creeping groundsel, chin cactus, string of pearls, aloe vera, orchid cacti and many others.

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3.Tropical & Subtropical

These are the kinds of plants which are found in tropical and subtropical parts of the world such as the Mexican plateau, in Vietnam and Taiwan. They are the flowering plants but are also known for their hardiness. Some of the various types of tropical and subtropical plants found easily are prayer plants, zebra plants, cast iron plants, bromeliads, spider plant, orchids, satin pothos and many others.

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There are many more plants that can be used in home interior décor. You can learn about these from the comfort your home with Hunar Online’s plant décor course. You will get mentored by Bollywood fashion designer, Neeta Lulla and also get certified by Govt. of India. Hunar Online also empowers women to start their own business after completing their creative courses.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Hunar Online Courses today and begin your successful journey in the world of interior design with ease.

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