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Home Interior Design Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Houseplants

A plant which you can grow in minimum space using a pot or holder inside your house is known as a houseplant. A lot of times, home interior designers suggest their clients to use plants to decorate their house. There are a lot of varieties in plants which you can grow at home and in many ways to decorate your rooms too.

There are many ways in which you can use plants for home interior décor to give it a simple yet effective vibe. Not only houseplants look attractive but they also keep the air pure and fresh for you. This is another reason why we need more home interior decorators suggesting houseplants to their clients.

plant decor in white room- Hunar Home Decor course

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Multiple Home Interior Ideas Using Houseplants

There are many ways in which you can decorate your home using houseplants. You can use hang multiple plants on a wall or even create your own ‘Into the Wild’ vibe in your bedroom.

Here are some ideas to decorate your home with houseplants,

  • Serene Look

If the colour of your wall is neutral then you can set a lot of plants and they will look beautiful around the room. Neutral colours like shades of beige or divine cream when decorated with houseplants will look amazing without a doubt.

  • Magic of White

As we said above, multiple planters on a single wall hanging around each other will look aesthetically beautiful. You can match the colour of the wall and planters for a more attractive and dramatic effect. These types of planters are called wall-hanging or wall-mounted planters.

  • Cosy Plants

You can use pillows to make your drawing room cosy but how many pillows? You can’t stuff a lot of pillows just to make it cosy but you can use plants. Put some plants of various kinds around the room and see it lighten up. The only thing you have to make sure while doing this is that if you have plants which need sunlight then you place them near the window.

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  • Organic Romance

Want to build a romantic environment around your dining area? Then use some houseplants to decorate your dining table and other nearby tables or platforms. You can even put some ornamental plants on the sides of your dining table if you are planning a special date with your someone special.

  • Fill in The Space

In case, you have lots of empty space in a corner or centre of your room then use a lot of plants to fill that space. You can get so many different kinds of plants in different shapes, colours and sizes. This will fill the space and you won’t have to worry about the space anymore. You can even plan a theme to decorate them while having fun yourself too.

  • Into the Wild

If you love the shady look then you will surely love to have a jungle vibe in your bedroom above and around your bedroom. It creates amazing woody vibes without even leaving the city every night.

wild plants in bedroom- Hunar Home Decor course

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  • Beauty in Minimalism

Small bedrooms come with small opportunities to decorate like houseplants. You can put a tall plant and cover up almost everything since the room is small. You can even add a few small plants but make sure that your room has something more than just plants then.

  • Upgrade your Windows

We all love to put festive lights on windows during festivals and other celebrations. How about using the same idea to decorate your windows using plants? In most of the houses, the basin area either has windows or mirrors. If you have a mirror above your basin then it’s okay but what if you have a window above your basin? You can use the empty and boring to make it fun with minimal plants and decorate it accordingly.

 plant decor on wash basin- Hunar Home Decor course

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  • Simplicity

The easiest way to decorate a room is to fill it with some furniture and many kinds of plants. This will not only fill up the room but will also showcase elegance in your choices to your guests. You can also use some other colourful décor items like frames or tables.

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  • Bonsai

Everybody loves a Bonsai. These are the trees which come in small sizes and look amazing on the bedside table along with a lamp looking over you. They are also called dwarfed plants, for obvious reasons. If you have a bedroom which has a glass roof then you must increase its beauty with the help of a Bonsai. It can give your whole room a facelift just by being placed in one corner of the room.

bonsai in bedroom- Hunar Home Decor course

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  • Decorate Small Corners

There must be many spaces in your home which nobody uses and is always empty unless there are many guests. You can decorate such spaces using different kinds of plants. The stairs of your home can also be decorated using plants as there is a lot of space on the walls. You can put a shelf on the wall so it can hold your beautiful plants.

  • Experiment

You have already seen many types of plant decoration for your home but there is a lot more so experiment. Use your imagination and just follow your instinct. You may not be right about an idea but it will surely pop something new in your brain. You can use that idea. There are many kinds of plants like a big, small, tall, dwarf and many others which you can use to decorate your home with.

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