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For as long as we can remember, candles have been a part of our world. The most interesting fact is that even today with so many different inventions relating to light, we use candles. Candles are one of those things which are not forgotten throughout the history of mankind and cannot be forgotten even today. This is because candle making is now considered to be an art with so many varieties of designs depending on occasions, festivals, mood, sizes, shapes and so many other thoughts behind. The creation of candles is now a legit full-time business and not just a necessity because people love designer candles now more than ever.

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What is Candle Making?

The history of the candles goes back as far as 200 BC. But there are different places and people where candles were crafted independently. So, we cannot be sure about who came with the idea of candles first we can surely say that wax was not used to make the candles at first. Han China, who are supposedly the first people responsible for candle making used whale fat. We can however tell you what the art of candle making is called- Chandlery!

Later in the 13th century, candle making had become a guild craft in Europe and France. This gave uprise to many different kinds of candles using beeswax and designs for their holders. These beeswax candles were expensive for many families but every church ceremony used them.

This is how candle making has now become an art of creating candles and their holders using various materials such as beeswax, paraffin, gel and wax. It feeds many families because people have candle making full-time jobs and businesses run successfully. Especially in India, with such a large population and so many festivals, we consider candle décor to be a part of home interior design as today’s generation love it.

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How to Make Candles?

If you love home interior and want to create your candles to decorate your home then the next steps are for you. Candle making in recent years has surely become a very popular choice among housewives as they love to create a unique and customised item to decorate their house with.

The steps involved in candle making are:

Use of Wax

In the step, measure the wax by filling it with a container you want to use as the candle holder. Now, double that wax because that is how much you need to melt it and fill the container. You take the measured wax, heat it in a pan till it becomes liquid which would take about 10 to 15 minutes.

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Cooling the wax

Now, you have melted the wax but you can still add some extra things such as essential oils. This way you can create scented candles which people love a lot because everybody loves a good scent.

Use of Wick in Candle Making

Attach the wick before pouring the melted wax in the container. You have to make sure that the wick reaches the bottom of the wax. While pouring the wax in the container, a part of wick must be left out so you can cut the extra part of it later.

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Types of Candles You Can Use to Decorate Your Home:

There are many types of candles but themed candles are always appreciated and some designer candles you can use for home interior design during festivities are:

Carved Candles

Carved candles are considered to be one of the most unique candles all around the world. They come various shapes, sizes and structures from the outside. They are used a lot for wedding decoration but you can also use them to make your home fancy.

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Gel Candles

Gel candles are used to create a romantic setting in the environment because of their transparent look. You can also put a lot of miniature things in them making them unique. They are mostly used for date nights by youngsters but a simple placing of them on the dining table can help you create an amazing atmosphere around the table.

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Snow Candles

Snow candles as the name suggests are for festivities and other special occasions to create a special vibe around the room. They are considered to be the perfect décor item during the holiday season as they look elegant and beautiful.

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Home Interior Décor Ideas to Put Your Candles in:

You can place candles all over the house but you don’t want to overdo it. So, instead of putting them on every corner or centre, you can place them here:


You can place them on a table in various order like a straight line or diamond to make your meals romantic and charming. Also, you can use different sizes too for a unique look as you see fit. You can even place rose petals on the candles for more romantic set up.

Glasses or Jars

The best way to make your candle look attractive is to use transparent jars or glasses. You can use some feathers or glitter of various colours to do that. This will light up the whole setting of your room literally and figuratively.


The usage of lanterns is a classic way of enhancing hallways or bedrooms. You can choose different kinds of lanterns or colourful candlestick for a glowing look. You can place them around your bed or on the cabinet for a vintage look.

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