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Different Materials You Can Use to Make Plants for Home Décor

Using mini plants for home interior décor is the latest trend to follow if you are looking to redecorate your house. Having plants in different corners of your home or on tea-tables helps in making the space more beautiful. Home interiors also look more serene and bring about a calm mood when you use different shapes and sizes of plants. Incorporating plants in your home interior décor is an idea that will elevate the look of your home at a very affordable price.


If you think that buying expensive designer pots is the only way you can redecorate your room, kitchen and hall, you are mistaken! There are a number of materials which are already available at your home that you can use to create designer plants. These materials will help in refining your home interior décor without having to pay a heavy price.


1.Plastic/ Glass water bottles


Drinking water from old plastic water bottles can be harmful but using these bottles to make beautiful plants for your home is completely harmless. There are many different ways in which you can cut plastic water bottles and plant seeds in them. One way would be to cut out the head of the bottle, fill the bottom half with soil and tie two ropes on the edges so you could hang the plant anywhere. Another way would be to cut out half a piece of plastic from one edge of the bottle, hold it horizontally and tie two ropes at the head and the bottom of the bottle. You could also paint the bottles with bright designs on the outside to make them look more beautiful.


growing plants in bottles


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Not just plastic bottles, using old glass bottles for interior gardening is also a great idea for home décor. Glass bottles look more sophisticated and classy when compared to regular plastic bottles. These can be placed near your bedroom or kitchen windows.


2.Old Kids Toys


Using old kids toys like cars and trucks is another great home interior décor idea. Planting in these toys is not only easy but it also looks extremely cute. Keep in mind that these toys can only hold extremely small saplings and planting bigger plants in them would be a huge blunder. Since these toys are light and small, they cannot hold a lot of soil and also won’t be able to withstand too much weight.


growing plants in kids truck


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If you have kids at home this is the perfect home interior plant that can be used to decorate your kids’ room. You can put these toy planters on your showcase or in your balcony beside your regular pots. These little planters will surely attract some attention whenever you have any guests coming over to your house.


3.Old Coffee Mugs or Cups


Using old coffee mugs to plant your saplings is the best home décor idea if you are looking to redecorate your kitchen. These mugs are strong and durable and can hold enough soil in them. If you are planning to replace your old coffee mugs, don’t discard them, use them to create a mini plant corner in your kitchen instead. You can also paint these cups using acrylic colors to add more colors to your kitchen. Try and use different patterns like polka dots or line designs for different mugs to create a contrast.


growing plants in mugs


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You can plant mustard seeds, fenugreek (methi) seeds or any other small seeds that will grow easily and will also not require a lot of sunlight or water to grow. You can also plant air plants in these mugs. Air plants are the type pf plants that do not need any soil to survive and are exclusively used in home interior design.


4.Aluminum Utensils or Metal Pots


Nowadays people are using more stainless-steel utensils and the age-old aluminum cooking pots are just sitting in our storage spaces somewhere. You can now use these old utensils and convert them into perfect antique looking pots for your interior home décor. Aluminum utensils have an old and rustic look and can make the best alternative pots for your home style gardening.


growing plants in aluminum vessels


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Old metal utensils are strong and can also be used to plant medium size saplings or any small flower bearing plants. You can use these old metal utensils to plant seeds like coriander, curry leaves and green chili. These plants will not only serve as beautiful décor for your home interior they will also be a source of fresh produce that you can use while cooking! You can place these plants near your kitchen window or in your kitchen balcony, if you have one.


5.Old shoes or heels


Using your old shoes or heels to plant small saplings is another new trend that is being followed for home gardening. Shoes have enough space to fill them with a good amount of soil. You have to make sure that you do not use shoes that are made out of cloth or fabric. Cloth or fabric-based shoes will absorb all water and might make your plant look messy. You can use these shoe plants as elegant show pieces on your shoe stand or even near your bedroom window. You can plant creepers like money plants in these old shoes and they will keep growing for a long time.


growing plants in heels


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