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With the festive season just around the corner, everybody wants to decorate their home interior in a way that gives a new look and festive vibes to your home. In recent times, people have become conscious about home decor and their home interiors and want to be up-to-date with the latest trends.

During the festive season, the demand for interior designing hikes up like crazy but not everyone can afford an interior designer. However, there are many ways to make your home festive ready without going heavy on your budget. Like you could place a plant in your living room, or hang some fairy lights by the door, or place a bunch of candles on the dining table or in the hallway to give a festive vibe. There are many creative ideas to decorate your home interior and you could always experiment with new things.

Plants! All the Way, Always!

Plants are one of the best ideas for home interior décor. In modern times, people are inclined towards nature and what’s the best thing other than plants to bring nature into your home. There are many ways to use plants for interior decoration. It purifies the surrounding of the home and brings positive vibes. It has also been found that people who like to decorate their home interior using plants, are healthy and happy.

However, you cannot use all types of plants to decorate the interior of your home. Some plants are not suitable for home interiors as they need outside climate and atmosphere, while some plants are very delicate and need extra care. There are different other varieties that can be used for home decor and are perfect for the inside atmosphere and require little care. Let’s have a look at these plants one by one:

1.Snake Plant

Snake plant is one of the most common household plants and it can be found in the houses of most of the plant lovers. The snake plant is one such plant that does not require constant watering or sunlight. This plant is small in size and also looks stylish. As the name of the plant suggests, the snake plant appears to be like the skin of a snake. One of the main reasons that this plant is popularly used in home interior decor is that it helps in purifying the air. The snake plant removes any toxins that are present in the air. If your home is situated near a street and you feel the air is polluted, you can place this plant in various rooms. A medium sized plant holder can be used to keep these plants at various spots in your home.

2.Golden Pothos

Have you ever seen a small, lemon green coloured plant planted in anyone’s house? It was probably the golden pothos. This is a mini plant that is becoming very popular for home interior décor. This type of plant is very easily available in any nursery or even a home decor store. The best part about this plant is that it can be placed in an area where there is very low sunlight. You can place these small plants next to your bedroom window or balcony and watch it grow happily. The colour of this plant is extremely fresh to look at and can instantly fix your mood when you walk into the room after having a bad day. This kind of plant can also be placed in your kitchen, if you wish to make your kitchen look more stylish.

golden pothos

Image Source- MyDomaine

 3.English Ivy

English Ivy is another famous indoor plant. It can be found in various workplaces and homes as well. The English Ivy is an extremely stylish looking plant that is of small size and is perfect for home interior décor. The only negative about using this plant is that they need bright light and hence can only be placed near a window or a balcony. That being said, this plant is extremely cute, and the leaves have a unique shape. Since the size of this plant is small, you can place them in plant holders and hang them directly next to a window. You can also place this plant in a decorated glass water bottle to make it look even prettier. This plant is sure to catch the attention of visitors and will make your room look clean, green and aesthetic.


You might have seen this plant on your colleague’s desk. The peperomia is similar to golden pothos except the fact that it is greener in colour and also denser and is mostly found in offices. These plants are very popular for home interior decor and they come in almost 1000 varieties! The plants do not grow more than 18 inches in size and therefore are perfect for any small space inside of your home.

The best place to keep this plant is on your showcase or tea-table in a way that it can be easily seen as soon as you enter the house. These plants are also very friendly when it comes to children or pets. If you are looking to redecorate your child’s bedroom, you can place these plants in your old kid’s toy truck. You can also place this plant in small utensils and place them in your kitchen. So, if you are looking to instantly add plants to your home interior décor, then the peperomia is a go-to choice.

5.Dracena Warneckii

This home interior decor plant is one of the most unique looking plants that you can find. The specialty of dracena warneckii is that it can also grow in artificial light which makes it a best fit for home interiors. This plant looks like a small coconut tree, with thin leaves and a strong bark. Darecena warneckii is also known to purify the air surrounding it by removing harmful toxins. For a better look, you can place this plant at the entrance of your home or near the shoe-rack to create a strong first impression.

6.Fiddle – Leaf Fig Tree

Don’t let the name of this plant scare you! Although the name of this plant includes the word tree, this plant is a shrub. The identical feature of this plant is that it has long and elegant stems with broad leathery branches. This plant should be placed under direct sunlight. If your home receives an ample amount of sunlight then you can definitely keep this leaf fig tree in your home to decorate the interiors. Taking care of this plant is very easy that is why it is considered one of the best plants for home interior décor. You need to water it just once a week. If it is the winter season and the air is dry you will need to water it more than once in a week.

7.Jade Plant

Jade plant is an interesting succulent as it has a unique bush like structure that makes it suitable for trimming just like a bonsai. Taking care of a jade plant is easy and simple. It can be spotted in many offices and homes, as it is considered a symbol of good luck. You may get to see some pink flower blossoms under the right condition. Due to the excess sunlight the leaves of the Jade plant can develop reddish or yellowish tint. During the summers, these plants require very less water and less water during the winters. This plant is easy to handle and best for people who have busy days as it requires little maintenance.

jade plant

Image Source- MyDomaine

9.Spider Plant

The name of this plant is such because its leaves are thin like the tentacles of a spider. This plant thrives to grow even when neglected, making it suitable for all the plant lovers who have a busy schedule. This is not a very high maintenance plant and it doesn’t require direct sunlight. Make sure to place this plant in bright to moderate light. Spider plants remove benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and xylene from the air, leaving your space fresh and clean. This plant is also safe for the pets.

10.Ficus Plant

This plant is also named as office plants and is considered as one of the most popular houseplants. What makes a ficus plant great for the offices? They have a striking appearance and don’t require direct sunlight. It prefers bright, indirect light, moist soil and occasional misting. This plant is is highly effective in purifying indoor air. It is attractive and can be a centre of attraction in the room.

ficus plant

Image Source- The Spruce

11.Red-Edged Dracaena

Red-edged dracaena is also known as the dragon tree. This plant can grow anywhere but it would be best to place in a bright light area. This plant is beautiful and helps remove formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and xylene from your home and leaves a cleaner and fresher space.

12.Bamboo Plants

Bamboo plants are a great plant if you want to add a tropical touch to your home or office. This plant is also known as parlor palm. It prefers bright light but can also do well in dim light as long as it receives an ample amount of water. Make sure that you don’t overwater this plant and wait until the top layer of the soil dries. Bamboo plants like high humidity, so consider placing it in a tray of pebbles with water added. This plant is great for home interior decor because it is non-toxic to the pets.

13.Rubber Plant

You might be surprised to learn that rubber plants are related to ficus. They are both members of the fig family. Rubber plants do well in all types of light but it needs to be kept moist. This plant must be watered with water at room temperature. Make sure you don’t overwater the plant as it can result in yellow leaves.

14.Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera has several medicinal properties and it can be found in most of the households. Aloe Vera plants prefer bright, indirect light. They require moist soil but will do equally well if you forget to water it every now and then. Aloe Vera plant has become a very popular household and office plant because of its usefulness. It helps heal cuts and burns. It absorbs carbon dioxide and emits oxygen during night which makes it a perfect plant for the bedrooms.

aloe vera plant

Image Source- The Spruce

15.Monstera Deliciosa

These are one of the trendiest plants that everybody likes to keep in their homes because of their eye-catching look. During the warmer seasons, you can expect to see a new leaf every week. It is also one of the best plants for the beginners because it can be watered every once or twice a week. You don’t need to find a place that receives perfect sunlight, it can be placed in the areas that receive less or indirect sunlight. These plants also help in reducing the pollutants from the air and purify them naturally.

16.ZZ Plant

ZZ plants are perfect for your home decor if your house doesn’t receive an adequate amount of sunlight. These plants are incredible and can be maintained easily. They can survive for days without water. The thick potato-like stems store enough water that helps it survive for many days without proper watering. Watering it once during its growing season is more than enough and will keep it from being dormant. If you are someone who stays outdoors for a long time and travels frequently then these plants are best for you.

zz plant

Image Source- PlantVine

These plants are best suited for home and require less care. So if you are someone who has a very busy lifestyle and is a plant-lover, then you could place these plants in different corners of your homes. There are a variety of ways to decorate your home interiors using plants. Let’s have a look at them one by one:

1.Plant Wall

You could have an area in your home, completely dedicated to the plants. Just like many people like to hang portraits on the empty walls, you can hang plants. You can find different kinds of planters in the local stores that are meant especially for this purpose. Small-sized pots are preferred for hanging them on the walls as they are light in weight and easy to hang. To get a classy look, you can match the colour of the wall with the colour of the plant pots.

plants on wall

Image Source- The DIY Lighthouse

2.Go Minimalistic

Minimalism is the new mantra of the modern generation. People are finding contentment in little things and decluttering from the excess things that don’t serve them anymore. Minimalism is the best idea for all those plant-lovers who do not have enough space in their homes. You can place one big plant in your bedroom or the living room and, voila! Now you have created a beautiful space in your home. You can also place a bunch of small planters in any corner of your room, if your house doesn’t have enough space.

3.A mix of books and lights

Placing small planters on the bookshelf gives a very unique look to your home interior. You can decorate the edges of your shelf with LED lights and arrange the books and plants in such a way that they complement each other. This will give a very authentic festive vibe to your home and it is sure that people will love this unique idea as well.

4.Add Colour to Your surrounding with Flowers

Flowers are one of the best ways to bring charm to your surroundings. There are many flowers that are well-suited for the interior atmosphere and can be used to decorate the interiors of your home. It’s not necessary that house plants have to be green, a dash of colours can lighten up the mood and make your home festive ready in an instant.

colourful flowers for home décor

Image Source- Pinterest

Light up Your Home Using Candles for Home Decor

Another best way to decorate the interior of your home is by using candles. Candles give a very festive vibe and are a go-to choice for almost every special occasion. Whether it is a birthday party, special festival like Diwali or weddings, candles are the first choice when it comes to decoration. There are a variety of candles that can be used to decorate the home interior. They are the best choice for every occasion and you can get an authentic and vintage look easily with the help of the candles. Let’s have a look at different types of candles one by one:

1.Taper Candles

Taper candles are one of the most common choices because they can last up to 10 hours. But there is a thing with these candles, they need a candle holder as they cannot stand on their own. Make sure that you have something that can support these candles. Taper candles are generally very thin and long and they can update the look of your space in an instant. These candles give a very royal and vintage look and can be used for special occasions like festivals or candle light dinners. They are a great choice for parties as they do not exhaust quickly and you won’t have to keep checking it every now and then. You can go for vintage candle holders and place these candles in your home at different places to give a festive look.

2.Candle Pots

Candle pots are mostly preferred by all the candle lovers. This can be carried anywhere and you won’t have to worry about any damage. Most of the time, candle pots are used as a stress-reliever as they contain different kinds of scents suited for different purposes. You can burn it anywhere and not worry about the flame or the hot wax melting down. The best thing about a candle pot is that the wax is melted directly in the pot and you don’t have to worry about the candle coming out of the jar or getting loose. Also, these candles have a lid, so you don’t have to worry about the scent escaping out of the jar.

3.Pillar Candles

Pillar candles don’t need any holder to ensure stability and support and can burn for a very long time. One of the distinguishing features of a pillar candle is that it is thick in size and is generally smokeless. The length of the candle can be somewhere in between 3 inches to 10 inches. Depending on the width of the candle, it can have two to three wicks. If you want to get enough light with a pillar candle, then go for a large candle with multiple wicks. You can clutter them in one place, down the hallway or place them on the table in the living room. You can add jute threads to the candles to give them a vintage look. 

pillar candles

Image Source- WallMantra

4.Votive Candles

The distinguishing feature of a votive candle is that it comes in small containers. They are light in weight, small in size and ready to use at the moment of purchase. The height of these candles are about 2.5 inches and 2 inches wide in diameter. You can generally spot these types of candles in churches and they come in various colours. They are especially designed for decoration purposes, therefore, you can easily use them for home interior decor during the festive season. One of the best ways to brighten up your home space using votive candles is that you can pair them with pillar candles and place them together at your doorsteps. You could also place these candles on the stairs.

5.Flameless Candles

Flameless candles are the best option for people who have kids in their home. As the name suggests, these candles don’t produce flames and are eco-friendly. They are considered as one of the best alternatives to the traditional candles. These are designed in the shape and size of the candle and work on batteries. They do not emit any smoke, hence eliminates the air pollution that is generally caused by the traditional candles.

6.Floating Candles

Floating candles are light in weight and are designed exclusively for decorative purposes. They are known as floating candles because they are especially designed to float on water. These small-sized candles add a special beauty to your home interiors. You could place a few candles in a bowl of water and add some flower petals and make them look festive ready. They can last for 8 to 10 hours and are generally made of palm wax or paraffin wax. They are available in various shapes and sizes and you can pick any as per the festivity and occasion.

floating candles

Image Source- Ubuy India

Apart from the plants and candles there are various other options to decorate the interior of your homes. You can create these interior styles by yourself as well and you don’t need to hire any interior designer for that. There are many different techniques that you can use to style your home interior. Home interior also defines your personality and people subconsciously relate about you with your home interiors. Let’s have a look at the popular interior designs one by one:

1.Real or Fake Plants

You don’t have to use real plants to decorate the interior of your home, you can also go for the fake plants. If you have a busy schedule and love plants, then you can go for fake plants, else real plants can be chosen anytime. You can also have the combination of both the plants. Small plants are extremely adorable and can immediately change the vibe of any room.

Plants also help in making you feel calm and at peace. The colour green is known to make a person feel relaxed after a long day of work. Plants can be placed in any part of your home be it your bedroom, kitchen or balcony. If you are someone who loves the idea of having plants around you, there is so much that you can do with your home interior décor. Nowadays, there are various methods using which you can learn to make designer pots at home.

2.Add Wooden Furniture or Elements

Wooden furniture carries with it an incredibly rustic and elegant vibe. Your home decor can look completely different if you add some wooden furniture or wooden elements in different parts of the house.  There are many types of wooden furniture that you can choose to add in your living space.

Wooden furniture can also be customized based on the likes of the people. You have to ensure that any wooden furniture you invest in has to match the already existing vibe of your home. Wooden furniture is considered to be expensive but the truth is that it is the best type of one time investment. If you are someone who doesn’t like to change your furniture on a regular basis, wooden furniture is the right fit for your home interior design. You can also add wooden frames to the portraits hanging around in your house to give a vintage vibe to your interiors.

3.Wall Tapestry

A tapestry is a huge piece of designer fabric that can be hung on any wall in your house. The use of tapestries for home decor is becoming very popular in young Indian households. Earlier, wall tapestries used to consist of huge floral and bohemian patterns. But these days, fabric designers are creating wall tapestries carrying numerous sorts of paintings and designs. Adding a wall tapestry to your home interior design is the best way to make good use of the vast blank space on your walls. Wall tapestries come in different shapes and sizes and can help in completing the look that you have always imagined for your home. Many people have tapestries that are added to compliment the vibe of a room. The vibe of your room will determine the type of wall tapestry that looks good in your home.

wall tapestry

Image Source- Desertcart

4.Add Lights or Candles

We have already seen a variety of candle types and how you can use them to decorate your home interior. Without the right types of lights, your home decor is incomplete. Lights are a very important part of interior designing since good lighting can completely transform the look and feel of your home. Not just the use of lights but the use of candles can be a good addition to your home interior design too.

The size, strength and colour of different types of lights can help in adding a lot of variety to your home. The best way to make your room look pretty is by using a lot of fairy lights that not only illuminate the place but are very nice to look at. Stylish lights can be added to literally any corner of your house and can save you the money of having to invest in other home decor items.

5.Family Frames

Home isn’t considered home without a family. Your home interior design should definitely include ideas where you can showcase your family. Family pictures carry very special memories of moments that are close to our heart. Looking at these pictures can often remind us of all the good moments we shared as a family. Adding family frames will not only make your home feel more like home, they will also create refreshing memories every time you look at them. Not only this, you can also share the story behind your pictures to people that visit your home.

These are the few ways through which you can decorate your home interior. If you are someone whose head is filled with creative ideas to decorate the home interiors or want to become an interior designer, then you can learn courses that are focused on home décor. There are many institutes offering such courses and you can also find these courses online as well. 3

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