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There are plenty of ways to décor your home with plants. Also there are various advantages of adding greenery to your interior spaces. And also decorating your house interiors with plants adds life to the spaces. Here are some ideas with greenery for your home décor. Your home interior must be personalised and should reflect your personality. Home interior décor ideas come in many varieties but you must pick something that you won’t get bored of easily.

1.Tropical Houseplants

The top three choices of tropical plants for home décor are succulents, cacti and palm trees. Try decorating your home with these home décor ideas involving tropical plants for that pleasing vibe in your interiors. Place palm tree plants on both sides of the entrance door or at the corners of your living room are a good home. Decorate your table top with cacti plants in small pots or in showcases. You can also decorate your table top or shelves with succulents which look very beautiful with no broad leaves and which are available in different colours.

tropical houseplants

Image Source- DIY Network

2.Décor with Houseplants

Now we go with the best home décor ideas for your living room. If you have a three seater sofa in your living room, place small round tables or stools on either of the sofa and place medium sized plants over them. You can place a stack of books in addition to that plant which gives a royal look to your interiors. If you have some open space in your living room, fill in that place with a bushy fig plant with a large pot. But make sure to place it alongside your window or large open doors, for sunlight and a greenery vibe with fresh air and sunlight.

You know this is a perfect décor idea I would say, reading a book by your sofa while having some coffee and fresh air with warm light coming in from the window from which the leaves of plants were swinging. Just imagine and see the magic of this décor idea. Without second thought try out this idea and taste the real essence of it.

3.Indoor Palm Trees

If your living room is drenched with sunlight, then these indoor palm trees are perfect for your home décor.  If you are limited with budget then these palm trees are the best statement piece, as they look good with medium size and also grow slowly which is an advantage to opt for home décor.

Choose the plain wall in your living room, place the sofa in the center in front of the wall and décor with palm trees on either side of the sofa. Or the best part is, decorate your home interiors with palm trees on the corner which gathers all the attention of the home décor.  

indoor palm tree

Image Source- The Spruce

4.Mini Greenhouse

As we all know that home décor and interiors reflect our personalities. If you are a lover of greenery, then you must try out this beautiful home décor idea. We all do usually place an aquarium in the living rooms which looks appealing and gathers all the attention.

But here is an alternative for it. Can you guess what that can be? No worries, I will reveal the secret. Replace aquarium with small greenhouse. All you need to do is, fill the glass aquarium with small succulents rather than with fishes and water.  And place this green house near your entryway for a more interesting and welcoming theme to your home.

5.Stems and Leaves

A few fresh leaves along with stems in a vase brings that greenery and pleasing nature to your home interiors. Take a clear glass jar or vase, fill 3/4th with water and place some fresh cut leaves with stems in that clear glass vase. You can home décor it as a table top or beside the sofa on a small round table in your living room.

6.Bar Cart Plants

A group of plants can do magic together. Try grouping some different kinds of plants with different lengths. Arrange those plants in a bar cart according to their lengths. You can home décor your balcony with these bar cart plants where the morning sunlight hits. The best thing is make it a trolley, so that you can move it to the place wherever you want. Place this bar cart in your living room, with the help of a trolley you can move it out for sunlight in the mornings. By placing these bar cart plants in your living room, it welcomes all the fresh and positive vibes to your interiors.

7.DIY Greenery

If you have an open garden and like to bring it into your interiors, them why not try these home décor ideas? Then try some hand-tied bouquets. Tie up some hand-picked flower and foliage along with stems. You can place the bouquet in a glass jar or vase. Try decorating your home interiors with those hand pick and tied bouquets. While placing them in the jar, shred off the leaves below the binding point. Make sure to pair colourful flowers with different foliage. Also you can use your creative skills while binding them together.

8.Pair Plants with Floral Art

Here is another simple and easy DIY for your home décor with plants. If you have a table placed by a wall, then you can décor with some indoor plants over it. For a nice and artistic look over it, you can hang some wall arts on top of them. What if those wall arts are floral arts? Try pairing the greenery with some floral-arts wall hangings.

9.Greenery Hangings

To green up your space try hanging greenery in your interiors. If you have a plain wall, rather than filling it with some art frames, why don’t we replace it with greenery? Create some art displays with greenery hangings. Plant some hanging pots, hang them by the wall creating an art. You can go with different kinds of plants with different and colourful plant pots.

Or try some wall hanging plants pots. Stick some plant pots to the empty wall and plant small indoor plants in those. You can also create some art with these as well. Along with those try a wall art or frame which must highlight the wall and act as the center of point.

10.Herb Garden

Why always décor plants and not useful herbs? Yes, framing herbs in your interior garden gives you great satisfaction. Growing your own herbs indoors makes it handy in your kitchen. This is an efficient way to green up your interiors in the kitchen as well. Try planting mint, fenugreek and coriander and grow some herbs for handy in your kitchen.

herb garden

Image Source- House Beautiful

11. Mix Artificial with Living Ones

Cleaning becomes a big headache. While going with the living plants, you need to clean the spaces regularly. To make it easier, try the combination of both living and artificial plants in your home décor. This also helps in saving and limiting your budget. If you really want that lively space in your interiors then these are not perfect for opting. If you are going with budget friendly, then why don’t you try combining both?

12. Fake Trees

Fake trees look great with interiors. If you have dark interiors and don’t have time to manage living things, then décor with fake trees or plants. Try opting with artificial greenery that looks real and brings a natural look to your interiors.  If you have large spaces in your interiors then go with big trees for your living room otherwise go with small plants.

Fake Trees

Image Source- Silk Thumb

13.Fruit Plants

Why just go with leafy plants? Is there any rule to opt only for leafy plants indoors? No. Not at all the case. If you are going to grow some plants in interiors then why don’t they be some fruit plants? Yes, what you read is correct. Of course fruit plants need some sunlight. The best solution is placing them near a window or a big wide door for better sunlight. You can even grow fruit plants like cherry and lemon plants over your table top.

14.Plants to Soften Angular Corner

If you have an angular corner TV cabinet, then decorate with plants to soften the angular corner and make the cabinet harmless. By adding greenery to your TV cabinet, it brings that lively nature to your living room. Or if you don’t want to spoil that TV cabinet, they just place two potted plants on either side of the cabinet which goes easy and looks so simple.


Image Source- The Spruce

Here we go with the last one, try a mini garden in your dining area over the dining table. As long as there is sunlight and water, you can home décor with plants in various ways. So, bring out your creativity within you and decorate your home in the most beautiful and appealing way.

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